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I would like to thank everyone who took a second to vote in last weeks poll.  I’ve decided that I’m going to put up a new poll every week to help drive some interaction on the blog as well as give me ides for new posts, like I’m doing today.  This weeks poll can be seen to the left of my post.  It asks about your practice habits.  Take a second and vote if you will; you don’t need to be a subscriber or wordpress member to vote.

Last week’s poll asked the question:  “What’s your favorite type of rifle camo?”  There were 21 votes (as of when I pulled it) and the results are below:

  • Woodland – 5
  • Desert – 5
  • Snow – 5
  • Factory Color – 4
  • Digital – 1
  • No Camo/Wood Stock – 1


While there weren’t many votes compared to the views I received (over 3,700 views on the blog last week and only 21 votes) I still think it shows us something.  Camouflage really varies based on personal preference.  There are many different kinds and I really only mentioned the ones I thought were the most common, but more people voted for a pattern of some kind than none at all.

Personally, I’ve always preferred desert camo.  That’s why I purchased tan stocks from ATI for my Mini-14 and my SKS.  I just think it looks cool.  I’ve never lived in an area where it would be useful (woodland would serve me much better) but the only shooting I do is at the range and my backyard anyway.

Camouflage is used by a lot of people for hunting, that’s a given.  Having a rifle that blends in with the scenery around you helps keep you hidden.  But I think a lot of people choose camo like I do, just because they like it.  That’s why my AR15 is black and white.  Camo is as much about personalization as it is functionality.  Our firearms are an extension of our personalities.  We all like different firearms.  And we all like different camo.  We choose to express these differences with our firearms, much like we do with our cars.  We’re proud of them (most of the time), we want them to be seen.

What are your thoughts?  This is your chance to rant and rave about those of us who colorize our weapons as well.  Do you feel all camo should be functional?  Or are you the kind of person who hunts in the snow with a rifle painted tan and brown?  Feel free to link to photos of your guns as well.  Or email a copy to me and I can include them in the post. Oh and feel free to vote in the poll. Its still open and will keep adding up the total.


Duck Dynasty may be America’s “number one non-scripted television show” but its my number one least liked show.  I realize I may be offending some of my viewers but I have opinions and I’m not afraid to share them.  If you choose to despise me for how I feel, that’s fine, though I hope instead that you would respect me more for expressing my opinion and standing up for it.

Duck Dynasty does nothing but idolize ignorance.  The show is pure drama, whether its the men bitching back and forth at each other trying to show whose more manly, or griping about how technology and “the man” are out to get them.  In the two episodes we watched today, one swore the eye dr. was out to get him and the other considered the real estate agent the equivalent of a snake who was after their money just because he didn’t want to move.  He didn’t even care that his wife was interested in moving, it was his place to make the decisions and not hers.

The mindset these people have is:  “If they don’t wear camo, or they try to make me do something I don’t want to do, they’re out to get me.  If they don’t live my lifestyle, they’re  doing it wrong.  Men act one way and women act another.”  These are the people the media uses against gun owners.  They show people like the guys in Duck Dynasty and make them look irresponsible and crazy (one shot his shotgun into the water which I’ve always been taught is a no no for gun safety).  They are the embodiment of what anti-gunners picture us all to be.

And while its not seen in the show, this same mindset is what breeds racism.  I live in an area surrounded by people like this and racism runs rampant.  I know its hard to accept that others live differently than us, but that does not mean they want to take everything from us.  They aren’t out to get us.  They’re just different.  The United States of America was founded by people who were different.  Disliking people because of their skin, where they come from, or just because they live in the city or suburbs is pure ignorance.  I know a lot of great people who live in extremely rural areas.  I also know great people who live in city apartment complexes.  And I know great people of many races.  Some of them even enjoy the same hobbies like hiking, hunting, shooting, and fishing.

Sorry for the rant, I’m just sick of everyone idolizing such pointless nonsense.  My motto has always been “can’t we all just get along?”  That’s what I want.  I don’t hate the people in Duck Dynasty but I really dislike the producers and directors who are making money by poisoning the minds of my fellow Americans.  Feel free to comment below and speak your mind.  I’m interested to see what everyone else thinks of the show.

I am happy to announce that I finally figured out how to embed videos directly on my blog.  You’ll no longer have to leave my page to watch a video.  With this addition I hope to produce some video reviews of products I’ve used as well.  I’m really hoping this will provide me with even more content to share with my subscribers.

So here’s the list of videos to watch.  I hope you enjoy.  And as always, feel free to leave a comment below about anything you find particularly interesting.

High Contrast | Grace Bruce | Official 2012

This girl is not going to worry much if the government takes away our guns.  She’s a weapon on her own.  My boss showed me this video today and I just wanted to share it.  Hopefully this will motivate some people out there to get off their lazy butts and get in shape.  I know I certainly need to!

Katelyn Francis 12 years old at one of her first pistol matches

Here’s another video of Katelyn Francis, the young woman making a name for herself in the shooting industry.  This particular video is from early on in her career   At age 12, she had me beat by a long shot!

VZ.58 Winter Camouflage Experiment

And some of you voted that what I did to my rifle was crazy . . . These guys camouflage their rifle using fake spray snow.  I personally think it looks pretty neat, not that I would ever think of just spray bombing the whole rifle.  I guess we all have our limits.  Where are yours?

Why Prepare For a Pandemic?

This came to me from The Survival Place Blog.  This video shows us why its more important to prepare for a pandemic than ever before.