ATI Strikeforce Stock – Mini 14

Posted: November 24, 2012 in Accessories, Guns, Mini-14, Product Reviews
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I mentioned in a previous post, and over on the My Guns page, that my Ruger Mini-14 is wearing a stock made by ATI.  Its a Desert Tan side-folding stock that features removable rails on all sides of the handguard.  I also bought the extended 6″ aluminum rails for the top and bottom, but I don’t use the 2 on the sides at all.

You can find these stocks just about everywhere online including The Sportsman’s Guide, Natchez Shooting Supplies, and even over on ebay.  Two of my local gun shops even keep a few.  I shopped around for the best deal and found it was just as easy to go directly to ATI and order from them.  They were even offering free shipping at that time.

They are available in both Black and Desert Tan and you can buy them with all the extended rails, aluminum rails, folding stock, or fixed stock.  Offering so many different options was a great move on ATI’s part I believe; its one reason I chose them over other manufacturers like Tapco.

This stock impressed me straight out of the box.  For the price I didn’t think it would be made with this quality.  I thought I may need to do a little sanding or adjusting to get it to fit correctly but it fit perfect.  The entire stock is made from a type of heavy plastic, but the screws, nuts, and other hardware were indeed metal.  The rails that came with mine were plastic but I ordered the 6″ aluminum top and bottom rails to upgrade mine.  The instructions were simple to follow and I had it installed in under 30 minutes.

The Strikeforce stock was a good bit heavier than the Federal Ordinance stock that came on mine but without accessories attached it is still light enough to easily carry.  When it had the bipod, vertical grip, and red dot sight however, it was a behemoth to lug around and shooting it freehand quickly made you find some place to use that bipod.

Something I really like, and later implemented with my AR, is the adjustable buttstock.  Being able to slide the stock in or out is great when adjusting to different shooters.  I always preferred shooting it from about midway extended (I have short arms) whereas Aaron and Ryan seemed to prefer fully extended when they shot.  ATI steps it up and gives you an adjustable cheekrest for the buttstock as well.  I found that useful as well.


The way the stock folds sideways though is kinda strange and awkward to carry, but decent for storage.  The original Federal Ordinance stock folded under the rest of the gun (unless you had an extended mag installed) and was completely out of the way and nearly invisible when folded.  I’m not sure I would ever want to shoot it from the folded position but since I like options, I’m glad the Strikeforce stock gives you the ability to choose.

The only thing I really don’t like about the stock is that the upper part of the handguard is screwed onto the lower half.  This wouldn’t be and issue except that it requires a lot more effort as well as tools in order to disassemble the rifle.  In addition, with the upper rail being mounted only on the upper handguard, its possible (while not that likely) that the sight’s zero could change if any of the screws aren’t fully tightened or happen to loosen during a shooting session.

Its also worth mentioning that with the Strikeforce stock, its a bit more difficult to break open the trigger guard for disassembly.  The pistol grip blocks some of the access used to pry the guard open.  I don’t consider this a problem though because I’ve always had trouble breaking the trigger guard loose.  It just means it’ll take a little extra time and effort.

Overall I feel this is a fantastic product.  I’ve recommended the ATI Strikeforce stock more than a few times over the past year to a few other Mini owners.  Its a great value and allows complete customization of your Ruger Mini-14.  Definitely give ATI a look if you’re in the market for a new stock.

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  2. dhdriller says:

    Great review! I have a Ruger 10/22 i tricked all out, but one thing i have never played with much cause i dont like the concept is a collapsable stock, and by that i mean where the butt stock can go away completely. My thoughts have always wondered about how uncomfortable and awkeward it would be holding it like a long pistol, and obtaining “accurately” shot placement and a steady sight picture. Any insight? Have you tried it much all folded down in different situations such as tactical, maybe a combat course or two, and random target practices to name a few tests? Any ways, keep me posted if you do, I would love some feedback of what a fold away stock owner thinks and if he likes it.

    • nvchad2 says:

      Interesting idea. I honestly hadn’t used it in the collapsed position yet. The whole thing is pretty heavy so the only accurate way to shoot it is with it up to the shoulder. I normally just collapse it for storage and transport because it cuts the length by 1/3. Its getting warmer out so maybe one day I can set up a “tactical” course and give it a go. It probably would be beneficial in close quarter situations. I’ll be sure to put up a post if I do anything with it so make sure you check back now and then.

      • dhdriller says:

        Sounds great. Would love to hear some feedback of how a rifle acts shortened up like that, and how easy or difficult it is to obtain and maintain sight picture. Any ways, sounds great, thanks so much for the reply, and for your great and thourough post. i will certainly check back often

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