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The game has been out less than a week and I have to say it has absorbed quite a bit of my free time.  One of my co-workers has been playing with me a lot online and together we’re pretty hard to beat.  On more than one occasion my fiance has had to work extra hard to pry me away from the PS3.

My Thoughts

I have to say I was a little skeptical about this game.  I was always a huge fan of the Infinity Ward games (particularly Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2) but the new team at Infinity Ward hasn’t impressed me that much.  That said, this game removed all doubt.  The online multiplayer has been revamped and is better than ever.  While I still miss certain features from the Modern Warfare series, I welcome the new changes.

I haven’t played the campaign at all, so I can’t comment on that although I’ve heard its really cool.  I’ve focused strictly on the multiplayer at this point.  Typically my fiance plays the single player portions long before I do.  In my opinion, the campaign is just a bonus feature in these games.  Most of them last less than 5 hours and while they’re usually fun and impressive, I prefer spending my time climbing through the ranks online.

Online, I focus on playing as a sniper.  I have gotten very good over the years and my friends hate to play against me.  This game is very sniper-friendly, so I enjoy it a lot.  There are open lanes on just about every map, unlike previous games where certain maps just didn’t fare well for long range shooting.  I can play well using just about any type of weapon, but my slow and steady play style is better suited to using a weapon that often requires patience to master.

Becoming the Ghillie Monster

On Nov 7th, just before midnight,  just two days after the game released, I unlocked the ghillie suit for my characters.  My performance as a sniper in the game has increased exponentially.  The graphics in the game are extremely good and the ghille suit makes it very easy to blend into the environment.  I’ve had many people run right past me or struggle to see me, simply because I was wearing the suit.  What I’m saying is that it is well worth the effort to get it, and I’m not looking forward to the future when every sniper has it.

In past games, the ghillie suit was typically given to players after they completed certain challenges (several hundred “one-shot kills” I believe), so long as they equipped a sniper rifle as their primary weapon.  This game allows you to equip it to any character, but its a bit more difficult to acquire.

To get the ghillie suit, you need to have the “chrome barrel” attachment on your sniper rifle and complete the 3 chrome barrel challenges.  The first is 100 kills, the second is 250, and the third is 500.  So the total you have to get is 850 kills using the chrome barrel.  Not an easy feat by itself.

However, this game is also unique in that you don’t have access to every challenge at once.  In previous games you unlocked more challenges as you leveled up.  In this one, you’re given a certain amount in each category and they only change if you spend points you’ve earned or wait the 2 weeks between sets.  So in order to get the ghillie suit, you also have to make sure you have the chrome barrel challenges open in the Operations menu.

My suggestion for unlocking the ghillie suit, if you choose to do so, is get rid of all other loadouts that don’t contain a sniper rifle with a chrome barrel.  Doing this will force you to play as a sniper (which is possible on every map) and you’ll develop the play style you have to have instead of flipping back and forth and trying to maintain different skills.

By default you start with 3 loadouts available.  I used one with an ACOG scope and the other two with Variable Zoom scopes.  Variable zoom lets you play well on most of the maps and the ACOG gives you the flexibility you need on smaller or more urban maps.  Set the perks and equipment up for how you like to play (I like perks that hide me and equipment that protects me from behind) and you should be good to go.


There are a lot of things I like about this game so I’ll just focus on the things I like the most.  Since I haven’t played the campaign yet, this will focus only on the online multiplayer portion.

I really like that they’ve added game types.  I particularly like the addition of Infected.  I remember playing something like that in Halo once at a friends house.  Its a  lot of fun if you play with a group of friends.  Cranked is also pretty neat.  I’ve only played a few times but its different and I like that they tried to add something instead of relying on only what worked in the past.

The maps are really cool.  It takes a while to memorize the maps and until then its just a lot of running around like you’re lost.  Once you figure it out though they all have a lot of unique features.  My favorites by far are Warhawk and Octane since they have something to offer everyone from snipers to those guys with SMGs.

I think they balanced the weapons more.  From the time I’ve spent with the game it seems the weapons have been a little more balanced this time and I like that.  Other people may disagree but I still have nightmares from the first Black Ops where nobody used anything but sub machine guns because they were so powerful.


There are only a few things I don’t like about this game and they’re easy to get past.  During the first few hours I had a tough time with creating a class.  The addition of so many perks and the fact that depending on what specialty you give your character changes which perks you receive early made it a bit confusing.  It was quite a change from previous versions.  After a few hours though it got easier to figure out and now I have no problem at all (though I still prefer the older create a class systems).

While playing a match, the statistics screen (brought up with the select button on the PS3) has been moved.  Instead of being in the center of the screen, its now smaller and at the top right.  The benefit is that it can be left up while you play, but the downside is that its smaller and harder to read.

Muting players online.  This used to be easy from the statistic screen.  You simply highlighted a player and pushed the mute button.  Now you have to open the pause menu and select mute players.  At that point its pretty much the same, highlight a player and push mute.  Unfortunately it takes longer to do while playing and took a while to discover.  That meant I had to sit there listening to chipmunks and 13 year olds cuss back and forth the whole time.

They changed the challenges.  I always thought the challenge system they had was really good.  I don’t feel like the changes they made to that part of the game improved the experience at all.


If you’re a fan of the online portion of past Call of Duty games, Ghosts will not disappoint.  My complaints about the game are minor and not worth worrying about (I’m just one of those people who hate change).  The game is well worth the $60 price tag.  If you don’t like that they release a slightly different version every year just to make money, then don’t buy it.  Its not significantly better than past games, and I definitely wont be trading my old ones in.  But I can say with absolute certainty that when I play a COD game during the next year it will be Ghosts.


I’ve been called a liberal several times on this blog and it finally hit a nerve somewhere inside me.  I’m not a right wing extremist, offended by being called such a name, but I’ve also never considered myself a liberal at all.  So I decided to do a post proclaiming my opinions on the big issues that our country has to deal with all the time.

Maybe my readers can label me so I know which arguments I’m “supposed” to fight for . . . you know, since we all think exactly like one group or the other.

Guns:  I’m sure this is a no-brainer.  I support the right to own firearms.  Period.  This right should never be infringed.

Government Control:  I’m in favor of less government control and regulation.  We’re the land of the free, but we’re not really free to make decisions anymore; the government makes them for us.

Abortion:  I support a woman’s right to choose.  I think every woman has the right to an abortion provided by a professional medical staff.  I don’t think it should be paid for by taxpayers or any government aid, and I don’t think it should be allowed after significant development has taken place.

Immigration:  I support stronger border control.  I am not opposed to immigrants flocking to our great nation, I just think they need to do it the right way.

Gay Marriage:  I see no problem with allowing homosexuals get married.  Regardless of your stance on whether or not being gay is a choice, I think they should be allowed to marry.

Healthcare:  I don’t think we need a government funded healthcare system.  Not only does that strain the country with more financial burdens, requiring that everyone be insured is just one more way the government is removing our freedom to choose for ourselves.

Military:  I support our military and our troops.  I always have.  I don’t always agree with decisions made by those sitting behind the desks, but our troops are fighting, and some dying, in support of this great nation.

Foreign Policy:  We don’t need to police the world.  I think we need to become less involved in the United Nations and stop letting their policies influence ours at home.  That said, we need to maintain a strong nation both militarily and diplomatically to ensure we remain a top contender in world power.  Being a top contender allows us to receive far better trade deals and helps ensure a strong economy.

I also feel like we should stop sending so much money overseas.  I like that my country is so kind-hearted that we want to help everyone, but we have people in need of help right here in our own country.  Lets take care of our own first and foremost.

Stem Cell Research:  I feel strongly that this is the area of science that will lead to cures for many diseases which are currently incurable.  Stem cell research (not all of it is embryonic) has great potential in the medical field and should be fully explored.

Religion:  I do not practice any form of religion, though I do not consider myself “atheist”.  I don’t worship God or any other supreme being, but I don’t chastise those who do.  I am close to people who are very religious and I always honor their time of prayer and silence the same way they do.  I am also not against the idea that there may very well be a god or gods, I just choose not to worship any.

Welfare:  I support drug testing for anyone on welfare or financial aid.  I get tested at my job where I work for my money.  Those on welfare don’t have to go through such restrictions and are able to receive money without working.  I’m also against people having more children just so they can receive more financial aid (yes, it happens a lot).  That is not fair to anyone, especially the children.

Drugs:  I think Marijuana should be legalized and taxed.  It impairs users no more than alcohol; alcohol is legal in every state.  In addition, legalizing it would reduce the extra strain on our justice system and could provide much needed revenue.  I think smoking should not be regulated on private properties.  Businesses and individuals should be allowed to choose whether or not people can smoke on their property.  *As a side note here, I do not participate in any of these activities and actually despise them, but I still think others should be allowed to do them without irrational restrictions.


I consider myself an individual, capable of forming my own opinions.  However, as a citizen of the United States Political Machine, I’ve been trained to think of myself only as red or blue.  Left or right.  Conservative or Liberal.  Democrat or Republican.  We can’t have our own thoughts and ideas unless we stick to some variation of what our party believes.

So, what am I?  You tell me.

**  This post is not intended to incite a debate or anger, though I know it will.  I will listen to everyone’s comments but I do not intend to respond.  These are my beliefs and I don’t feel like trying to defend against attacks from internet trolls.  I accept that we all have different opinions and I understand they are just that, opinions.  And I hope that you, the reader, understand that this is a blog.  I am in no way a professional anything and I do not claim to be.  I just want everyone to understand you don’t have to define yourself as a member of one party or the other.  Be yourself and support ideas you believe in and not just those your party supports.  **

Its been almost two weeks since my last set of videos so I thought I should go ahead and do another.  These are just videos that I think are interesting or informative.  If you see anything in particular you want to mention or talk about, leave a comment below.  This week’s list covers home defense ammo, the Constitution, tactical training, and 3D guns.  Enjoy.

Shotgun Ammo for Home Defense

There are a lot of people who argue against using bird shot in your home defense shotgun, but here’s a guy on the other side.  He attempts to debunk the myths that surround using bird shot for self defense.  He sounds pretty convincing.  This video came to me from The Survival Place Blog.


The Constitution Did Not Guarantee Public Safety

Over at Gunmart they posted this video and I wanted to share it with you in case you missed it.  The guy in the video is very angry and he has a right to be.  He brings up good points while he’s speaking out against proposed gun control laws.


 World’s Greatest Tactical Instructor

This is another video that came to me from Gunmart.  This one is less serious however.  Watch it and have a laugh.  Its not the funniest thing out there but its a humorous gun-related video so I thought I would share.  My favorite part is the final reload.


 3D Printed Gun Documentary

Regardless of where you stand on the issue of printed guns and gun hardware, you have to admit its an interesting concept.  With the cost of 3D printers coming down all the time, its becoming possible for individual consumers to buy them.  Tie that in with the growing gun control agenda and you’ve got experimental printed guns.  Its a no brainer really.  We’ve come so far, technologically, in the past 100 years or so; Imagine what the next few decades may produce . . .

The trailer for this came to me from Tactical Gear and Military Clothing News but you can see the entire documentary below:


 Share your thoughts below.  I’m particularly interested in hearing everyone’s opinion about printed guns.  I myself am kinda on the fence with this one.  Its a cool idea and I would love to print myself a gun or two, but at the same time this makes it possible for anyone anywhere to produce firearm parts that are otherwise regulated.

Like I mentioned in my last survival post, securing our homes is key to preventing (or at least deterring) home invasions.  There are a few things you can do to ensure your home is well prepared.

31)  Secure Your Home

Beyond the standard suggestions like “lock your doors”, the book (Urban Survival Guide, by Rich Johnson) provides a checklist of things you can do to help keep your home safe:

  1. Keep valuables in secure locations (like a bank lockbox) instead of inside your home.
  2. Don’t discuss your possessions or valuables with others.  Keep it secret, keep it safe.
  3. Only use licensed workers for in home repairs and always check IDs.  Also, never leave anyone in your home while nobody is there to supervise.
  4. Install motion-activated lights.  These come on when motion is detected and can keep would-be intruders at bay.  They may also alert you to a threat you wouldn’t otherwise have noticed.
  5. Keep everything locked.  Doors, windows, garage doors, etc.  If you’re picking new locks for your home, go with a deadbolt style lock.  These are more difficult to break through.
  6. “Get a guard dog.  Or two.”

One suggestion I would add to the list is a home security system.  Many people say they’re overpriced and that you don’t need them, but its just like my guns:  I would rather have them and never need them than to need them and not have them.

What would you add to the list?  How do you have your home secured?

Duck Dynasty may be America’s “number one non-scripted television show” but its my number one least liked show.  I realize I may be offending some of my viewers but I have opinions and I’m not afraid to share them.  If you choose to despise me for how I feel, that’s fine, though I hope instead that you would respect me more for expressing my opinion and standing up for it.

Duck Dynasty does nothing but idolize ignorance.  The show is pure drama, whether its the men bitching back and forth at each other trying to show whose more manly, or griping about how technology and “the man” are out to get them.  In the two episodes we watched today, one swore the eye dr. was out to get him and the other considered the real estate agent the equivalent of a snake who was after their money just because he didn’t want to move.  He didn’t even care that his wife was interested in moving, it was his place to make the decisions and not hers.

The mindset these people have is:  “If they don’t wear camo, or they try to make me do something I don’t want to do, they’re out to get me.  If they don’t live my lifestyle, they’re  doing it wrong.  Men act one way and women act another.”  These are the people the media uses against gun owners.  They show people like the guys in Duck Dynasty and make them look irresponsible and crazy (one shot his shotgun into the water which I’ve always been taught is a no no for gun safety).  They are the embodiment of what anti-gunners picture us all to be.

And while its not seen in the show, this same mindset is what breeds racism.  I live in an area surrounded by people like this and racism runs rampant.  I know its hard to accept that others live differently than us, but that does not mean they want to take everything from us.  They aren’t out to get us.  They’re just different.  The United States of America was founded by people who were different.  Disliking people because of their skin, where they come from, or just because they live in the city or suburbs is pure ignorance.  I know a lot of great people who live in extremely rural areas.  I also know great people who live in city apartment complexes.  And I know great people of many races.  Some of them even enjoy the same hobbies like hiking, hunting, shooting, and fishing.

Sorry for the rant, I’m just sick of everyone idolizing such pointless nonsense.  My motto has always been “can’t we all just get along?”  That’s what I want.  I don’t hate the people in Duck Dynasty but I really dislike the producers and directors who are making money by poisoning the minds of my fellow Americans.  Feel free to comment below and speak your mind.  I’m interested to see what everyone else thinks of the show.

In keeping with my decision to post every day I thought I would put up a little bit about what went on this afternoon.  My friend Aaron came back home for Thanksgiving and we decided to do some shooting.  He was given a few guns when his dad passed away earlier this year and he brought those along to shoot.

I brought all my guns.  My Mini-14, AR15, SR22, and Sig Sauer 1911-22.  He came with an M1 Carbine, and SKS, a Mini-14, a 357 revolver, and a 380 compact pistol.  We looked over all the guns he brought to make sure they were safe before shooting them but the SKS didn’t pass my inspection.  There was a considerable amount of rust on both the inside and outside of the barrel.  In addition there seemed to be a large chunk broken from the inside of the barrel.  I was disappointed because I was really wanting to shoot that thing.  It was a very cool looking rifle.  All the other guns checked out fine.

The pistols were all fun aside from his 380 compact.  The trigger pull was horrible and after firing the 5 round magazine it made our fingers extremely sore.  The revolver was fun but kicked way too hard for me.  It was a “hand cannon” according to Aaron.  It was still fun to shoot and I would gladly have spent some more time with it.

Very shortly into shooting his Mini-14 we noticed a problem.  One that I was very familiar with.  In the gas block on these rifles there is a “gas bushing” that is pretty much required if you want to rifle to function as a semi-auto.  If it isn’t secured in place the gas from each shot is not properly channeled back to the bolt.  Mine was missing from the day I bought my rifle until I fixed it.  Aaron’s at least was rattling around inside the gas chamber.  We were forced to shoot it as a single shot.  I’m going to fix it for him in the next few days.

The M1 carbine was pretty neat.  I watched him shoot it a bunch and even posted a few videos of it over on YouTube at the bottom of this post.  The only problem it seemed to have was feeding the rounds into the chamber.  After the first 4 shots or so it would start working fine however.  Toward the end Aaron decided to run a few magazines through my Mini-14 since he had plenty of ammo and his wasn’t working well enough.  A video of him rapid firing it is also posted on Youtube at the bottom of this page.


All in all we had a great time.  We both got to shoot some guns that we’d never shot before.  And as always it was just good to hang out again since we don’t get many chances anymore.  I might post a few more detailed reviews related to the individual guns we shot but for now this is all.  Check back later!

I received an email from Sig Sauer this morning letting me know that they’re having a special right now on their classic pistol laser.  I thought I would pass this along since it’s not on their website.  The only way to receive this offer is through email and the only way to order it is over the phone.  In addition it requires that you own a Sig firearm, as it notes that you need to “have your serial number available when you call.”

They’re currently selling their laser for $99 with free shipping.  The laser usually sells for $149, and still is if you plan to buy online.  But if you call (866) 619-1128 or (603) 418-8102 you can order the laser at the discounted price.  $99 for a quality small profile pistol laser is a great deal.  I would buy myself one if I hadn’t asked for a laser for Christmas.

In addition to the laser deal they’re offering a deal on their “black tactical shoulder bag” if you buy the laser.  I couldn’t find the bag listed on their website but it looks very much like another bag on their website, so I would imagine it’s pretty much the same bag.  You can get their bag for just $39 if you buy the laser.

Hope this helps someone out there looking for a good Christmas gift.  Or someone just looking for a pistol laser for themselves.  I didn’t want to keep this deal to myself since I thought more people out there might want to take advantage of it while they can.