I am happy to announce that I finally figured out how to embed videos directly on my blog.  You’ll no longer have to leave my page to watch a video.  With this addition I hope to produce some video reviews of products I’ve used as well.  I’m really hoping this will provide me with even more content to share with my subscribers.

So here’s the list of videos to watch.  I hope you enjoy.  And as always, feel free to leave a comment below about anything you find particularly interesting.

High Contrast | Grace Bruce | Official 2012

This girl is not going to worry much if the government takes away our guns.  She’s a weapon on her own.  My boss showed me this video today and I just wanted to share it.  Hopefully this will motivate some people out there to get off their lazy butts and get in shape.  I know I certainly need to!

Katelyn Francis 12 years old at one of her first pistol matches

Here’s another video of Katelyn Francis, the young woman making a name for herself in the shooting industry.  This particular video is from early on in her career   At age 12, she had me beat by a long shot!

VZ.58 Winter Camouflage Experiment

And some of you voted that what I did to my rifle was crazy . . . These guys camouflage their rifle using fake spray snow.  I personally think it looks pretty neat, not that I would ever think of just spray bombing the whole rifle.  I guess we all have our limits.  Where are yours?

Why Prepare For a Pandemic?

This came to me from The Survival Place Blog.  This video shows us why its more important to prepare for a pandemic than ever before.

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