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Now that I know how to embed videos (I feel so stupid for not figuring it out sooner) I decided that I needed to go back and change some previous posts to include the videos I had only linked to before.  For the most part that’s the only change I’ve made.  Below is a list of the posts I updated in case you missed any of them the first time through:

If you missed these posts the first time, give them a view.  Nothing amazing in most of them and nothing has changed if you have already seen them.  Let me know if embedding the videos improved the posts or made them worse.

Also, I know I usually only post twice a day but there will be 4 today.  I don’t like blowing up your inbox but that’s how today is going to go.  Later tonight I’ll post the fourth update which is a combination of two survival tips.


I am happy to announce that I finally figured out how to embed videos directly on my blog.  You’ll no longer have to leave my page to watch a video.  With this addition I hope to produce some video reviews of products I’ve used as well.  I’m really hoping this will provide me with even more content to share with my subscribers.

So here’s the list of videos to watch.  I hope you enjoy.  And as always, feel free to leave a comment below about anything you find particularly interesting.

High Contrast | Grace Bruce | Official 2012

This girl is not going to worry much if the government takes away our guns.  She’s a weapon on her own.  My boss showed me this video today and I just wanted to share it.  Hopefully this will motivate some people out there to get off their lazy butts and get in shape.  I know I certainly need to!

Katelyn Francis 12 years old at one of her first pistol matches

Here’s another video of Katelyn Francis, the young woman making a name for herself in the shooting industry.  This particular video is from early on in her career   At age 12, she had me beat by a long shot!

VZ.58 Winter Camouflage Experiment

And some of you voted that what I did to my rifle was crazy . . . These guys camouflage their rifle using fake spray snow.  I personally think it looks pretty neat, not that I would ever think of just spray bombing the whole rifle.  I guess we all have our limits.  Where are yours?

Why Prepare For a Pandemic?

This came to me from The Survival Place Blog.  This video shows us why its more important to prepare for a pandemic than ever before.

I’ve been taking note of any videos that I thought might be worth sharing the past few days, and the list below is what I decided on.  Look over the list and watch a few of the videos.  Some are short and some are long, but all are interesting.  Let me know what you think about some of them in the comments below.

Home Defense on a Budget – This came to me via the Gunmart Blog and I wanted to share it.  Lots of people want to go out and buy an AR (Mini-14 in my case) for their first firearm, but in most cases its just not practical.  This video talks about some of the alternatives you should consider, especially if you’re looking for a home defense weapon.


How to Clean an AR15 in Your Bra and Panties – Talk about gun porn . . . I posted this mostly because of how sexual they make the video.  I mean, its already a video with a woman touching all over a gun (let the jokes fly), but then they remove her clothes and play some background music and speak in a sort of whisper . . . I just thinks its amusing.  Probably NSFW though so be careful where you watch it.  But if you can get past all that, its actually an accurate instructional video.

AR15 Deer Hunting Quick Kill – Another video showing that the .223 round can certainly put down a deer.  Not sure why so many people say its not powerful enough for big game hunting.  I’m not a deer hunter, but I certainly don’t see any reason someone couldn’t use a .223 set up to hunt with.


AR15 M4 Speed Loading/Shooting – In my last set of videos I linked to one showing reload drills for the AK47; this time I looked for something similar for the AR15.  While not really different drills, it shows how changing a magazine works, with actual firing as well.  Pretty cool to watch people change magazines that fast.  Makes me want to go home and practice really really bad.


Let’s Talk About Rice – As someone who suffers from celiac disease I am very familiar with rice.  Its one of the only foods I can grab off the shelf and fix without having to worry about other ingredients or accidentally ingesting gluten.  But this lady goes in depth to a level I didn’t even know existed.  For almost 21 minutes she talks about rice, in several different varieties.  Definitely give it a look if you eat much rice.  This came to me through The Survival Place Blog.


Connecticut Manufacturers and Employees Speak Up – This video came to me via the Common Sense Tactical and Practical blog.  The video interviews employees who work at Connecticut based gun manufacturers about opinions on “modern sporting rifles” such as the AR15.  Pretty interesting and I think its worth taking a look.


Rising Through the Ranks – Just posting this video again in case you missed it over here.  This is the NRA video for Katelyn Francis.  They interview her about her thoughts on shooting and safety and things like that.  It’s really cool to see this 13 year old girl doing something like this.  She definitely has a future in guns ahead of her.

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I have seen a lot of traffic come through my blog looking for more information on this girl.  If you don’t remember, or hadn’t seen, I linked to a video of her a few weeks ago.  Since then that post alone has had over 200 views, making it one of my most popular posts.  With so many people looking for information about her, I thought I should do some research and give an update.

In my search, I came across forum after forum after forum.  I also found both a Facebook page and Youtube page for her. I also found a video posted over on the NRA Women’s page.  The short profile they have for her under the video is as follows:

Katie Francis is one of the youngest female junior shooters in the circuit. At only 13-years-old, she has already accomplished more than most. Her father, Sergeant First Class Chad Francis, bought her a .22 when she was 9-years-old. At the age of 10, she got her first buck, an 8-point, with an AR-15. Today, the ambitious teenager has her sights set high, and counts the possibility of making an Olympic appearance as one of her goals.

I realize I probably seem like a stalker after this, but I promise I’m not.  This girl is just interesting to watch and its cool to see someone her age as good with firearms as she is.  She far surpasses me in shooting skill and I am definitely jealous.

I wish there were 3 gun competitions in my area because I would love to participate in something like that.  It’d be cool to start something like that but there are so few ranges nearby that I know I wouldn’t be able to.  Anyone want to start one for me?  🙂


My boss showed me this video first thing this morning and I just couldn’t believe the girl was 13.  She makes my shooting skills look like a sick animal that needs to be put out of its misery.  But its really cool to watch her either way.  Here’s the video:

Click here to read the article.

The girl in the video is Katelyn Francis and she is a 3-gun competitor.  In the video she uses an ACR rifle, a 12ga shotgun, and a 9mm pistol.  She has no problem making the transition from one gun to the next and fires them all with equal precision.

And just to add to how awesome this little girl is, here’s a quote from her:

“For those of you who say I need to find cover and try doing it with people shooting back……I am 13 and this is a competition. For those (few) of you who think I should be playing with barbies instead of guns and who think this type of sport will make me a bad person. I play on several sports teams at my school. I also make straight A’s. I am a girly girl (notice the finger nail polish). I have been shooting since I was 5 and do not play video games. Not that I dont like them, I would rather shoot real guns than fake ones. i have never had any professional training except from my dad and a couple of his buddies.”

Way to tell em’ Katelyn!  I am now really curious to see if I can find a 3-gun group near me.  This looks like something I would really be interested in trying.

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