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Below is a list of the places I go most often in regards to gun stuff.  From ammo to politics, most of my sources are listed.  This page is probably going to change fairly frequently; if I find any new sources I will try to update this, so check back often.



  • The Sportsmans Guide – I would have to say that The Sportsmans Guide is home to some of the nicest people in the country.  I’ve contacted them several times over the years and they’ve been really helpful every time.  Very easy to deal with if you have a defective item or anything like that.  They also have a wide selection of accessories.
  • ATI Gun Stocks – A really great company to deal with.  Very friendly and helpful.  They offer stocks for a whole bunch of guns, both shotguns and rifles.  They also run free shipping deals quite often.
  • Natchez Shooting Supplies – “Dedicated to the shooting enthusiasts”.  These guys have a huge selections of accessories.  Everything you need to keep on shooting.
  • Cheaper Than Dirt – While I disagree with their name, they have a really good selection of firearm accessories and ammunition.
  • Ebay – Great place to find both new and used accessories.  If you shop carefully you can usually find great deals as well.  I’m a big fan of Ebay.
  • Amazon – Amazon has some gun stuff.  Not a lot but its another good source for both used and new accessories if you’re on a budget.


  • rmactsc – “Survival Considerations When The SHTF”.  One of my first subscribers and a very active blogger.  The author of this blog, Robert Abramsky, has also written a few fiction books.  He has links to sample them over on his blog.
  • The Accidental Survivalist – “Learning to live independently from the system”.  That line just about says it all.  Noah, the author, covers various things that all relate to prepping and being independent.
  • Zombease – A survival blog geared toward preparing for a zombie apocalypse, but full of survival information that can be applied to many every day situations.
  • Focus Firearms Training – “For those who love firearms training, safety and all things guns”.
  • Gunmart Blog – This is a blog that covers anything and everything firearm related.  From news and politics to reviews and opinions.  Good info all around.
  • The Gundoc’s Doctrine – “Firearms, Politics, and Just Because I Said So.”


  • Ruger Forum – A place to discuss Ruger firearms of all varieties.
  • – “Home of the Black Rifle”.  A forum for rifles using the AR platform (they don’t have to be black).
  • SKS Boads – If you have an SKS, you need to check this place out.
  • Survivalist Boards – A really good place to learn how to survive on your own.
  • Gun Rights Media – “In support of all civil rights”.

Other Places of Interest:

***  Last updated – 1/30/13  ***

  1. Tony Pinneri (Harrisonburg) says:

    Hey Chad,

    Found your site while looking for the Westside range. I printed the directions and will find the range when the ground drys. Your site is quite useful. Thanks for all your efforts

    • nvchad2 says:

      Thanks for the comment, glad I could help. West Side is a good place to shoot. If you’re from Harrisonburg it might be worth checking out the Hite Hollow range in Staunton as well. Sucks crossing the mountain to West VA just to shoot. Both ranges are good though.

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