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I would like to thank everyone who took a second to vote in last weeks poll.  I’ve decided that I’m going to put up a new poll every week to help drive some interaction on the blog as well as give me ides for new posts, like I’m doing today.  This weeks poll can be seen to the left of my post.  It asks about your practice habits.  Take a second and vote if you will; you don’t need to be a subscriber or wordpress member to vote.

Last week’s poll asked the question:  “What’s your favorite type of rifle camo?”  There were 21 votes (as of when I pulled it) and the results are below:

  • Woodland – 5
  • Desert – 5
  • Snow – 5
  • Factory Color – 4
  • Digital – 1
  • No Camo/Wood Stock – 1


While there weren’t many votes compared to the views I received (over 3,700 views on the blog last week and only 21 votes) I still think it shows us something.  Camouflage really varies based on personal preference.  There are many different kinds and I really only mentioned the ones I thought were the most common, but more people voted for a pattern of some kind than none at all.

Personally, I’ve always preferred desert camo.  That’s why I purchased tan stocks from ATI for my Mini-14 and my SKS.  I just think it looks cool.  I’ve never lived in an area where it would be useful (woodland would serve me much better) but the only shooting I do is at the range and my backyard anyway.

Camouflage is used by a lot of people for hunting, that’s a given.  Having a rifle that blends in with the scenery around you helps keep you hidden.  But I think a lot of people choose camo like I do, just because they like it.  That’s why my AR15 is black and white.  Camo is as much about personalization as it is functionality.  Our firearms are an extension of our personalities.  We all like different firearms.  And we all like different camo.  We choose to express these differences with our firearms, much like we do with our cars.  We’re proud of them (most of the time), we want them to be seen.

What are your thoughts?  This is your chance to rant and rave about those of us who colorize our weapons as well.  Do you feel all camo should be functional?  Or are you the kind of person who hunts in the snow with a rifle painted tan and brown?  Feel free to link to photos of your guns as well.  Or email a copy to me and I can include them in the post. Oh and feel free to vote in the poll. Its still open and will keep adding up the total.


I’ve been taking note of any videos that I thought might be worth sharing the past few days, and the list below is what I decided on.  Look over the list and watch a few of the videos.  Some are short and some are long, but all are interesting.  Let me know what you think about some of them in the comments below.

Home Defense on a Budget – This came to me via the Gunmart Blog and I wanted to share it.  Lots of people want to go out and buy an AR (Mini-14 in my case) for their first firearm, but in most cases its just not practical.  This video talks about some of the alternatives you should consider, especially if you’re looking for a home defense weapon.


How to Clean an AR15 in Your Bra and Panties – Talk about gun porn . . . I posted this mostly because of how sexual they make the video.  I mean, its already a video with a woman touching all over a gun (let the jokes fly), but then they remove her clothes and play some background music and speak in a sort of whisper . . . I just thinks its amusing.  Probably NSFW though so be careful where you watch it.  But if you can get past all that, its actually an accurate instructional video.

AR15 Deer Hunting Quick Kill – Another video showing that the .223 round can certainly put down a deer.  Not sure why so many people say its not powerful enough for big game hunting.  I’m not a deer hunter, but I certainly don’t see any reason someone couldn’t use a .223 set up to hunt with.


AR15 M4 Speed Loading/Shooting – In my last set of videos I linked to one showing reload drills for the AK47; this time I looked for something similar for the AR15.  While not really different drills, it shows how changing a magazine works, with actual firing as well.  Pretty cool to watch people change magazines that fast.  Makes me want to go home and practice really really bad.


Let’s Talk About Rice – As someone who suffers from celiac disease I am very familiar with rice.  Its one of the only foods I can grab off the shelf and fix without having to worry about other ingredients or accidentally ingesting gluten.  But this lady goes in depth to a level I didn’t even know existed.  For almost 21 minutes she talks about rice, in several different varieties.  Definitely give it a look if you eat much rice.  This came to me through The Survival Place Blog.


Connecticut Manufacturers and Employees Speak Up – This video came to me via the Common Sense Tactical and Practical blog.  The video interviews employees who work at Connecticut based gun manufacturers about opinions on “modern sporting rifles” such as the AR15.  Pretty interesting and I think its worth taking a look.


Rising Through the Ranks – Just posting this video again in case you missed it over here.  This is the NRA video for Katelyn Francis.  They interview her about her thoughts on shooting and safety and things like that.  It’s really cool to see this 13 year old girl doing something like this.  She definitely has a future in guns ahead of her.

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There seems to be a lot of confusion about what the Second Amendment really means.  Whether its a check on the government and the last defense of the people should our government decide it does not need to answer to the people any longer, or simply the right to keep firearms for hunting purposes.

Well I have the answer!

So there you have it.  No need to bicker anymore.  It’s clear that the founding fathers wanted to protect the people from a deerpocalypse.  The picture is pretty funny, but of course I’m obligated to note that the picture and my comments are sarcasm.  Too many people out there probably believe stuff like this . . .

I really wish there was a way to inform people about what the Second Amendment really means.  Unfortunately its really hard to explain to most people because, fortunately, we live in a time where we’ve never needed the right.  Where everyone takes their rights for granted and just expects the government to take care of them.

Our founding fathers lived in a much different time.  They took care of themselves and had to protect themselves from governments that simply didn’t care about individual rights.  It’s hard to relate to that now because we live in one of the greatest countries in the world, but the threat is still there.  It always will be.

Just look at most of the middle eastern countries.  Think they feel safe with their governments?  What are your thoughts?

Yesterday I came across a website called Survivalist Boards and I just wanted to take a few minutes and spread the word about it.  I joined up and am trying to get a little more involved over there.  So far everyone I’ve encountered has been friendly and helpful.

The forum deals with anything and everything involved with survival and being able to take care of yourself in a natural or man made disaster, or even in a post-apocalyptic world where society has fallen apart completely.  They cover everything from farming to hunting and fishing and firearms.

There are a bunch of groups that you can join to help find people with similar interests or skills.  There are also groups that are location based to help you find people close to you.  Those would probably some of the most important groups since you could get to know fellow survivalists in your area and even work together if need be when the time came.

Anyone who has any interest in outdoor survival or preparing for a disaster should definitely check it out.  I’m sure there is something you could find over there that would interest you.

Anyway, have a great weekend and make sure you subscribe if you like my blog!  I’m going shooting this weekend and I’m going to be trying out a new pair of ear protection as well as some new ammunition.  I will try to have a review and/or video of them up sometime next week.

A few posts ago I mentioned that my dad and I were going shooting at West Side shooting range in West Va.  I’ve been meaning to post about the trip but I’m still fighting off whatever sickness this is.  I’ll be going to the doctor as soon as I get my company insurance activated.

Anyways, we went and we had a good time.  We were worried on the drive over there because our side (the Virginia side) of the mountain was being hammered with rain.  It was a mess and I was glad that Dad was driving.  I hate driving in the rain, especially on a mountain.  When we got to the range however, it wasn’t raining.  We were very relieved.

Dad hadn’t been to the range in many years.  Said his last visit was when he turned 18.  That was over 30 years ago.  He was impressed that it was still up and being maintained.  He wasn’t thrilled about the amount of people who were there and was very unhappy that we had to wait for everyone to shoot before we could go downrange to set up our targets.  I knew what to expect coming in since Ryan and I had gone the weekend before.  The waiting between shots didn’t bother me this time any more than it did the first time.  I guess I’m just odd considering Ryan and Dad were both on the same page.

Dad brought his 270 to sight it in.  The entire trip was based on the fact that he wanted to “zero the rifle at more than 75 yards” for when he goes hunting this November. I think during the hour we were there he shot less than ten times.  I shot 65 rounds through my AR15 (60 .22lr and 5 .223 PPU).  With my SR22 pistol I shot 40 rounds.

Dad made a few minor adjustments, but only enough to make sure his shots were consistently hitting the paper at 100 yards.  He said “if I can hit that at 100 yards it’s good enough for me”.  None of his shots hit within the center 2 rings and only 3 were in the 3rd ring.  I wouldn’t have been satisfied with that, but it’s his rifle and he’s the one hunting with it.  I did fairly well but I wasn’t able to keep track of my shots with the detail I wanted.  My dad would’ve thought it’s stupid to track every shot, just as Ryan does.  So I just avoided it all together.

All in all it was a decent trip.  I personally wouldn’t have made the 45 minute drive (one way) just to shoot my rifle 10 times. I understand .270 cartridges are expensive, but if your going to shoot, shoot.  I wish we had stayed longer but I knew my dad wanted to get out of there so I cut it short so he didn’t have to sit there and watch me shoot.  I was just happy that he wanted to go shooting with me at all.