Duck Dynasty – A Rant

Posted: March 18, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Duck Dynasty may be America’s “number one non-scripted television show” but its my number one least liked show.  I realize I may be offending some of my viewers but I have opinions and I’m not afraid to share them.  If you choose to despise me for how I feel, that’s fine, though I hope instead that you would respect me more for expressing my opinion and standing up for it.

Duck Dynasty does nothing but idolize ignorance.  The show is pure drama, whether its the men bitching back and forth at each other trying to show whose more manly, or griping about how technology and “the man” are out to get them.  In the two episodes we watched today, one swore the eye dr. was out to get him and the other considered the real estate agent the equivalent of a snake who was after their money just because he didn’t want to move.  He didn’t even care that his wife was interested in moving, it was his place to make the decisions and not hers.

The mindset these people have is:  “If they don’t wear camo, or they try to make me do something I don’t want to do, they’re out to get me.  If they don’t live my lifestyle, they’re  doing it wrong.  Men act one way and women act another.”  These are the people the media uses against gun owners.  They show people like the guys in Duck Dynasty and make them look irresponsible and crazy (one shot his shotgun into the water which I’ve always been taught is a no no for gun safety).  They are the embodiment of what anti-gunners picture us all to be.

And while its not seen in the show, this same mindset is what breeds racism.  I live in an area surrounded by people like this and racism runs rampant.  I know its hard to accept that others live differently than us, but that does not mean they want to take everything from us.  They aren’t out to get us.  They’re just different.  The United States of America was founded by people who were different.  Disliking people because of their skin, where they come from, or just because they live in the city or suburbs is pure ignorance.  I know a lot of great people who live in extremely rural areas.  I also know great people who live in city apartment complexes.  And I know great people of many races.  Some of them even enjoy the same hobbies like hiking, hunting, shooting, and fishing.

Sorry for the rant, I’m just sick of everyone idolizing such pointless nonsense.  My motto has always been “can’t we all just get along?”  That’s what I want.  I don’t hate the people in Duck Dynasty but I really dislike the producers and directors who are making money by poisoning the minds of my fellow Americans.  Feel free to comment below and speak your mind.  I’m interested to see what everyone else thinks of the show.

  1. Cody says:

    Im gonna have to agree with ya on that on. I dont find it funny at all. They’re ignorant. Alot of bitching and very little to no hunting at all.

    • nvchad2 says:

      Thanks for the comment. Glad to see someone else out there agrees with me.

      • moose says:

        Yeah…they’re ignorant alright. They are all self made millionaires by their own hard work. They all have college degrees. Tens of millions of Americans of all ethnic backgrounds live in rural and small town America and can relate and find humor in the show. Willy and his wife have a son who is of African American descent. The only ignorance I’m seeing so far is your accusations of racism based on what? Nothing. They speak no harm towards anyone on the show. They are country folks expressing their opinions and beliefs and Sharing some of their lifestyle in a comical light. It’s obvious you don’t agree with their philosophies in life, but instead of wishing that they would go away , you have a choice…you can simply change the channel and find something more to your liking. America is beautiful like that. There’s something for everyone. We don’t have to shut others up, we can just go play on a different part of the playground. The other option is you could mind your own business and let everyone else mind theirs. As I’m typing this, I’m watching their Christmas special. They are praying and thanking God for the real reason for Christmas…Jesus. I love it. So don’t try to shut us up…just go do it your and let live.

  2. rmactsc says:

    I’ve seen the show advertised but I’ve never watched it. Overall I think most of these so called reality TV shows are a waste of time.

    • nvchad2 says:

      I have to agree. I used to love watching the history and science channel but now it seems that not even those channels are safe from reality tv abuse.

  3. joe says:

    OMG, lighten up already. For some of us, we find it funny. Its an escape from reality. Racism??? For real?? You really went there??

    I’m personally tired of hearing about racism and anti-capitalist views. My gosh man, cant stand the bleeding heart liberal arguments. You lost my respect.

    • nvchad2 says:

      To clarify, I did not call anyone on the show racist. I simply implied that the thought process they use can lead to racism. And there is no connection between racism and liberal thinking. Racism is bad regardless of where you stand politically. Sorry I lost your respect. Given your response, you never had mine.

    • AT says:

      um. So…. I watch a “reality” show to escape from reality. Alrighty then. There is one problem: I can’t escape from them in my “reality.” They are EVERYWHERE. They are idolized and they are quoted more than the Bible and Shakespeare. People have wished and wanted to be in their “reality” to the point of being unrecognizable because they’ve decided to look and act exactly like them. And, then, try to insist that the DD guys are setting a good “christian” example for all families. I don’t think that example was meant for folks to look and act JUST like them.

      • Wes Howell says:

        I am surprised to see more people that feel the same way I do about DD.

        When its known I don’t like the show I am usually told “you don’t have good taste in tv”

        This comment usually invalidates any argument, because that comment simultaneously proves we have a problem when “good taste” in television programming is important.

    • Tracy Hutchins says:

      You lost my respect when you dragged out “bleeding heart liberal” to use as an insult. When a person uses that antiquated phrase, I am positive they haven’t learned anything at all from anyone under 70 years old, or in this century.

  4. brian says:

    The father, Phil, played quarter back for Louisiana tech while Terry Bradshaw sat on the bench, he has his masters and is a former school teacher. This is a scripted show that takes about one week to do an episode. Phil travels the country preaching the gospel and is heavily into the Lord. This is all about fun and was never meant to be taken serious. Do I like It? Yeah, it makes me laugh which is what it is suppose to do. I do respect your opinion, but it was never meant to be taken seriously.
    Do the search, on the Robertson family. you will find a bunch of college educated business men. I do love to see prayer back on the tube which is how all episodes end.

    • nvchad2 says:

      I appreciate you taking the time to leave an educated response. I didn’t know those things and I’m glad you brought it up. I also understand that its all for fun but the attitudes that they express in the show are harmful to the gun community as a whole in my opinion. But that’s just my opinion. To each his own.

    • Carla Burris says:

      Amen.. i like how they express hard work to the kids and a moral at the end when they all sit together as family and friends to eat dinner.. not too many even do this to this day.

  5. leslie says:

    I like the show. They are all educated, running a business and enjoy a different type of lifestyle. They do seem a little wreckless with their guns, they were probably toting guns at age 3 lol. Its a fun show. Si is just so silly, he really makes me laugh. If there is not something better on tv, I will watch. Its gotta be better than Finding Bigfoot! Now that I refuse to even give it a chance. Thanks.

    • nvchad2 says:

      Don’t tell me you think bigfoot is fake?! 🙂 I definitely avoid that show. And any of the ghost hunte type shows. But I can always find something better on at my house. Thanks for commenting.

  6. wvumounties8 says:

    I thought that way at first. But after watching it several more times, I am a DD Diehard. It is funny and promotes family and Christian values, in an backwater sort of way. So, lighten up and get over yourself a little.

    • nvchad2 says:

      Thanks for sharing what you thought. I doubt ill lighten up on the show much simply because I was raised in an environment surrounded by people who thought similar to how the guys on the show act. We were surrounded by drugs and alcohol and a whole lot of hate. I know that’s a generalization and I know people who live similar lifestyles who are really good people. Unfortunately my experience has shown that a good few aren’t.

      • wvumounties8 says:

        Look, I was born and raised in the capital of backwoods cliches. So don’t tell me your birth right is any worst. However, unlike you, I am proud of my State and proud to have a little redneck in me. In fact I come from the State where the term “redneck” originated, West “By God” Virginia”. Oh well, some people live their lives trying to live down where their from. Good luck with that………………

      • nvchad2 says:

        I never claimed to have it worse than anyone. I just said that I was raised in an area that I was not 100% comfortable with. That is not saying I hate my birthplace. I love where we live. I love my areas rich history. But I don’t have to love the lifestyle chosen by my neighbors. Sorry if you took offense to anything I said.

    • hncook4 says:

      I can’t reply to your second comment, so I’ll just reply to this one.

      “Look, I was born and raised in the capital of backwoods cliches. So don’t tell me your birth right is any worst. However, unlike you, I am proud of my State and proud to have a little redneck in me. In fact I come from the State where the term “redneck” originated, West “By God” Virginia”. Oh well, some people live their lives trying to live down where their from. Good luck with that………………”

      When did he say he had it worse than anyone else, and when did he ever say he was not proud of where he was born? It seems his comment was taken out of context. Backyard Shooter was simply stating that he has grown up in a similar area and has met a few people that give the lifestyle a bad name.

      • wvumounties8 says:

        I never said that he had it any worse than anyone else. I was making the point that just because the DD cast/family were living life at their own rate and enjoy enlightening us with a little down home humor, that is no reason to throw them under the bus. I have never seen or heard one bad thing about the Robertson’s (on their show, of course). I cannot really see where he can parallel his own life and up bringing to that of DD. These are down to earth (seemingly) people, that have done well. Professional jealousy? I don’t think so, but to watch 1 or 2 shows, then “rant” about the purpose or shortcomings of that show, is to open oneself to criticism. He is, of course, allowed to his own opinion. Hell, this is HIS blog spot. But, when I disagrees with that “rant” and then proceed to show a valid argument with same rant, then one should either accept the point or debate that point with reason other than ” I don’t have to love the lifestyle chosen by my neighbor”. If DD owners and operators are not your neighbor, then you really do not have a valid argument.

      • rkenney says:

        wvumounties8, I believe Backyard Shooter did in fact make a good argument against the show and gave good reasons, whether you agree with them or not. What I believe you are referring to as your “valid argument” is the statement that the show is “funny and promotes family and Christian values”. This technically doesn’t fit the definition of valid argument (or argument), but let’s run with it anyway.

        This doesn’t quite stack up against Backyard’s claim that the show spreads ignorance for a few reasons. The first being that any tv show, not just Duck Dynasty, can be both funny and ignorant. In fact, some might say it’s the ignorance and sheer absurdity of events in tv shows that we come to like or find funny. Another reason I’m more inclined to trust Backyard’s judgement is that he was kind enough cite a few examples of ignorance in the show. In case I hadn’t seen the show, I would have had all the information I needed. I know what you mean and do agree to some extent, but you have to give some sort of proof otherwise you’re just making baseless claims.

        You may be on to something, but just spend a little bit more time making a case for your claim instead of trying to bring the original poster’s loyalty to their hometown into question.

        Backyard Shooter, to put things in a less dismal view I would say the ignorance, like wvumounties8 was trying to say, is simply meant to be a source of humor. The distrust of various professionals is (probably) not intended to be emulated. There are many sources of poison in society, and perhaps there are other more pressing ones that you could write about sometime in the future?

      • nvchad2 says:

        Thanks for commenting. I never intended for this to be anything more than a rant. I was frustrated with the show and went with it. You’re right though, perhaps I should focus on more important issues than television shows. There’s an awful lot of ignorance in politics right now that I could probably target. That would be more benefitial than dividing us all over something as small as a tv show.

  7. […] Backyard Shooter apparently does hate Duck Dynasty… which is fine. This is America, and he has some good points. But I do think he is taking the show too seriously. […]

  8. SC Econ says:

    The Robertson men are all very intelligent, and well educated. Hate? Willie Robertson has an adopted bi racial son. These are good men who have made a good life for themselves, are successful family men, love the outdoors and are men of faith and charity. You just come across bitter.

    • nvchad2 says:

      Thanks for your comment. It definitely feels like controversy is what it takes to get people talking. I also never said the Robertsons hated anyone. In my post I said that the thought process they use (or act out in the show) is the same kind of mindset that leads to hate. When you blame technology, doctors, businessmen, etc. for problems, you can develop a strong feeling of resentment for others in general. I’ve since learned that these men are all well educated businessmen, but like I said, my resentment was not for the actors but for what they portrayed instead.

  9. norman menzies says:

    oh i get it. eating together , praying and hunting is racism. when are you liberal loons going to get new material?

    • This is getting old. Please READ the post. I did not call them racist. Argue that if you want, I don’t care, you’re wrong. But being against racism doesn’t make me a “liberal”. It makes me a decent human being. Also, we put too much emphsis on “liberal” and “conservative” in this country. Can’t we all have our own opinions on matters without being labeled? I believe in many conservative principles, but a few libral ones as well. This country needs more cooperation and less division. But that’s just the opinion of this one blogger and his liberal agenda . . .

      • Gail Becker says:

        Im behind you all the way back yard shooter.This is the way gun rights will be lost.People are very to faced.The public in general will love the show sure.Long after this little goof ball experience is gone will be the real public opinion will be vile of all things south and all things to due withfire arms.So when a politicians start there never ending pursuit to ban our right to bear arms the argument will be simple.Will we be willing to risk another sandy hook tradgedy just to keeep you all those duck dyndasty morons running thru the woods shooting every thing just for laughs.The best possible thing for anti gun lobbyist are shows just like this.Who knows there probably the ones running the show.

  10. Brian says:

    I love this article. I hate Duck Dynasty for many of the reasons you listed and a few all my own. My problem is not with the guys on the show. If I could market myself as a million different things, regardless of how obviously hypocritical or fake they are, and still make millions I would do the same thing. Lets start with the whole fake vs reality argument. If your life consists of a camera crew, 16 writers telling what to say, directors telling you how to say it and producers ultimately deciding the outcome then I will agree its reality, otherwise it is FAKE. Second issue is with this whole “Du uh uh uh I is juss a dumb redneck” crap. I know that a few of them are educated and have college degrees. I also know I live in the Southern most point in the State of Alabama and I can assure you the rednecks I know are nothing like these guys. This whole push the ignorant stereotype game breeds hate and racism. Duck Dynasty does for the South what Jersey Shore did for Italians in Jersey and surrounding areas. My next issue is with the whole Christianity angle and that’s all it is an angle. These guys have been filming their every move for years and selling the tapes in the back of hunting catalogs. Buy a few of those tapes and them tell me the guy who beat his wife and threw his family in the street is a preacher. Watch them make wine and act foolish and then tell me because they say the blessing over dinner that that is Christ like. Here’s another fun fact, they charge churches over 10k for a personal appearance. If you want to attend you must buy a ticket and the ticket acts as a release to use your image on the show and in advertising. Sounds an awful lot like the money changers in the temple that Jesus threw out. So lets review, they act dumb to appeal to “dumb rednecks” while they’re educated. Yep that offends me. They try and pass it off as real. Yep offensive. They further stereotypes while lying to the viewers. Yep that’s offensive. They barely preach and they don’t practice what they supposedly believe and they exploit Christianity just like they exploit the “dumb rednecks” because they have been successful doing it so far. Yep very offensive. I hate The show and look forward to the next big thing that pushes their crap to the end of the line with all the other pop culture BS

  11. Brian says:

    Also the fact that the fans act like cult members and threaten ANYONE that disagrees is creepy

  12. Kathryn morin says:

    I totally agree with you. I wrote to their site stating some of the things you said but of course they aren’t going to show it.

  13. Gail Becker says:

    Got me goin.This is all about media and appearances int he fight for gun rights and most people dont know there even fighting.The NRA had Charleston Heston as an icon you didnt see them hiring Boy George did you.I guess you really cant fix stupid.

  14. pollitically incorrect says:

    Ignorant! Really? Why? Because they’re not wearing the latest fashion? They all have college degrees, seem to be great parents, are successful and rich! And they seem to be very happy. If that’s ignorant. Sign me up!

  15. T says:

    I watched a few episodes after hearing from family how wonderful the show was. Ugh I swear I lost brain cells watching it! So scripted and fake, not funny. These “rednecks” are educated and lauphing all the way to the bank and they know the demographics they are looking for. Walmart has a clothing and sunglasses and card line. No thanks!

  16. Joshua Walker says:

    Just saw Phil speak tonight. He made it a point to address racism and stated its ignorant. I think the main problem with racism are those trying to victimize themselves with racism constantly. I see that more than I do legit racism. And as a person who has worked in urban areas with minorities, that was the attitude that turned me away from that work. And it was so so common. To the point a man accused a police officer of racism for arresting him when he had a warrant for his arrest….and he knew about the warrant. So please, if you are really concerned with racism, look at your accusations and ask yourself if their legit are if your just looking for it. Cause accusing others of racism when it’s not there is just as bad as being a racist.

  17. Tracy Hutchins says:

    Duck Dynasty is already 100% scripted so why not make it a sit-com? Do viewers really believe these business moguls hang out picking their teeth on a stump like they do in the show? DD is only one of several industries that they run, so they idea that they’re all hanging out shooting the breeze is pure fiction – all I see when I watch the show is really, really bad acting with scripts that worked for one season, so the exact format is used for every show; always a pause after Si says something dumb – they really should insert a rim-shot and a laugh track (honestly).

    Duck Dynasty isn’t my cup of tea, but at least it’s not as bad as some of the other reality-like TV. I’m really sick of the plethora of shows that revolve around so-called hunting, trapping, and exterminating animals all over cable TV- not because I’m against responsible hunting (I am completely against whatever it is the idiot on “Call of the Wildman” does), I’m sick of them because there is no message, and the subject matter just gets more belligerent and outrageous, with no positive commentary about respect for nature and wildlife.

    • Wes Howell says:

      the fact that they all have college degrees and are successful businessmen conflicts with the image of other “rednecks”. I am from East Texas only a few hours from where Phil and company make their duck calls. Most of the people around here who consider themselves redneck have not obtained any higher degree of education, other than bragging about eating racoon or possum because they can. All of the people on Duck Dynasty can talk about eating racoon all they want and how they have “roughed” it before. The truth is, each and every one of them has enough money to buy more bmw’s and jaguars than any of us can even count. Television has gone to trash, and went there years ago. This is on television because they know the huge following this program has. I have more of a problem with the following and people who watch this show and idolize everyone on the show, then on the same token talk about how much they like the Christian values. Make no mistake it is idolatry, people dressing up in complete camo growing out burly facial hair, and even saying things. No surprise that society has broke down.

  18. Gloria says:

    I’ve not watched the show. I’ve not watched commercial television at home for more than a year. However, I think the public is sick of “reality” shows of incredibly rich people who have nothing to do but shop and party. This being said, the folks on Duck Dynasty don’t strike me as being poor. So I’m thinking this show is an illusion. These are rich people, seemingly with conservative Christian values, who probably are scripted to say provocative things a lot of ordinary people think, but are afraid to say. But as people have pointed out, they DO have college degrees and obviously know enough about business to be incredibly successful. Good for them. But since it’s cool to be ignorant, but somehow wind up rich in the process, the show’s producers are going to skim over the fact that they do have college degrees. That fact doesn’t fit in with the whole “redneck” image.

    This is America. We are free. And that means that others may have beliefs and hobbies we don’t like. We may not even like the way they look. But I agree with the author of this post: “can’t we all just get along?” While this is a show that I have never watched, and probably wouldn’t like, no one is forcing me to watch it. It is my choice NOT to watch it. I just can’t wait to see when a scandal will hit the show. I am always amused when people espouse a certain lifestyle, shunning premarital sex, pushing values/morals, and they are caught cheating. I think it’s just a matter of time.

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