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Its time for us to say goodbye to 2013 and welcome in 2014.  Its time to look back on our lives for the past year and see what we can do to improve ourselves or make life more enjoyable.  Its time for New Year’s Resolutions.

Since I’ve moved out of my parents’ houses and into an apartment with my fiance, things have been fantastic.  Life really is great and I couldn’t really ask for more.  That said, I have been neglecting my firearms and letting my skills wither away.  Its time for me to get back out there and do some shooting and practicing.

For 2014, I resolve to go shooting as often as I can.  I’m going to start out strong by going to shoot with my neighbor this Saturday.  He recently bought a 9mm 45 and has been really looking forward to shooting it.  Depending on where we go I’ll probably bring my rifles along.  I’ve been itching to shoot my SKS some more.  If we go to the indoor range in town however I’ll have to stick with just my .22 pistols.

Either way its going to be fun.  I’ll be sure to share how everything goes and let you know how badly my skills have deteriorated without practice.  Happy New Year everyone!


I haven’t updated the blog in a while and I feel kinda bad about that.  I’ve been enjoying life, relaxing and being lazy.  Its nice to come home after a long day at work to just sit down with my fiance and watch some TV or play some games.  But I feel like today I need to make a post because something pretty important happened that not many people are talking about.

China successfully landed a rover on the moon.

China is now one of only three countries to have done this and the first in almost 40 years.  To say its a big deal is kind of an understatement.  The moon is over 238,000 miles from the Earth and constantly moving, as is the Earth.  The science involved in making something like this happen is nothing to scoff at.  The trip alone took 13 days!  That’s a long time to sit there hoping that all your calculations are correct.

Sure, we’ve landed rovers on Mars already, but China is just starting into the world of space exploration.  They’re putting a lot of effort into their space program while here in the United States we’re decreasing the funding for ours.

China has big ambitions for space.  Ignoring the fact that the vehicle used to land their rover on the moon can carry a payload far heavier than what it carried this time (humans and more equipment maybe?), they also plan to have their own space station.  China is not a partner with the International Space Station, so it makes sense for them to explore other options.  Its also possible that when they finish their station, it may be the only space station in service, as the ISS is only supposed to last until about 2020, though it could be extended if those involved decided to keep funding it.

China is not the 3rd world country that it once was.  They continue to show that they want to be a major contender in world affairs, and we should probably start paying attention.  We may not agree with the Chinese on every aspect of life and government, but surely we could benefit more from a partnership with them as opposed to a 21st century cold war.

But if we can’t get along with them, I suggest our lawmakers start putting in place the plans necessary to keep us dominant on both the surface of the Earth as well as space and beyond, because China seems ready to compete . . .