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I would like to thank everyone who took a second to vote in last weeks poll.  I’ve decided that I’m going to put up a new poll every week to help drive some interaction on the blog as well as give me ides for new posts, like I’m doing today.  This weeks poll can be seen to the left of my post.  It asks about your practice habits.  Take a second and vote if you will; you don’t need to be a subscriber or wordpress member to vote.

Last week’s poll asked the question:  “What’s your favorite type of rifle camo?”  There were 21 votes (as of when I pulled it) and the results are below:

  • Woodland – 5
  • Desert – 5
  • Snow – 5
  • Factory Color – 4
  • Digital – 1
  • No Camo/Wood Stock – 1


While there weren’t many votes compared to the views I received (over 3,700 views on the blog last week and only 21 votes) I still think it shows us something.  Camouflage really varies based on personal preference.  There are many different kinds and I really only mentioned the ones I thought were the most common, but more people voted for a pattern of some kind than none at all.

Personally, I’ve always preferred desert camo.  That’s why I purchased tan stocks from ATI for my Mini-14 and my SKS.  I just think it looks cool.  I’ve never lived in an area where it would be useful (woodland would serve me much better) but the only shooting I do is at the range and my backyard anyway.

Camouflage is used by a lot of people for hunting, that’s a given.  Having a rifle that blends in with the scenery around you helps keep you hidden.  But I think a lot of people choose camo like I do, just because they like it.  That’s why my AR15 is black and white.  Camo is as much about personalization as it is functionality.  Our firearms are an extension of our personalities.  We all like different firearms.  And we all like different camo.  We choose to express these differences with our firearms, much like we do with our cars.  We’re proud of them (most of the time), we want them to be seen.

What are your thoughts?  This is your chance to rant and rave about those of us who colorize our weapons as well.  Do you feel all camo should be functional?  Or are you the kind of person who hunts in the snow with a rifle painted tan and brown?  Feel free to link to photos of your guns as well.  Or email a copy to me and I can include them in the post. Oh and feel free to vote in the poll. Its still open and will keep adding up the total.


I came across a post over on that asked just one question:  Do you keep your magazines loaded or unloaded when you store them?  The author of the post shares my exact worry in this issue: “Part of me wants to say the more prepared the better and the other half worries about wearing out my springs.”

To see where other people stood on the issue there was a poll.  As of the time I viewed the post, there were 33 votes; 29 voted for loaded and 4 voted for unloaded.  That’s pretty much what I was expecting when I saw the question.

As I mentioned in the comments of the post, I like to keep some of both.  I keep about 75% of my magazines loaded and the remaining 25% unloaded.  Just eases my mind a little.  If the springs begin wearing out in the ones I keep loaded, I can start using the other ones more.  I also rotate them now and then.

I’m just more comfortable knowing that most of my magazines are loaded while others remain in unused condition.  And don’t worry, I keep the loaded and unloaded ones in separate locations so I don’t mix them up in a panic.

Maybe I’m just being paranoid.  Maybe I could keep them all loaded and nothing would happen.  I don’t know.  What do you think?  How do you store your magazines, loaded or unloaded?