Urban Survival Day 40 – Pick a Lock

Posted: April 2, 2013 in Survival/Self Defense
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One of my favorite skills in games like Skyrim is lockpicking.  It gets you into places you wouldn’t normally be allowed to go.  It also helps open chests full of gold and other valuables.  Lockpicking could do the same in real life if you’re ever in a survival situation.

40)  Pick a Lock

“It’s not hard to pick a lock of the pin-and-tumbler variety”.  While I agree that its not hard compared to other types, picking any lock is challenging.  Otherwise we wouldn’t even bother with locks.  But if you want to learn to pick a lock, these are the ones to practice on.  “The trick is pushing the pins up one at a time until they’re no longer blocking the cylinder’s ability to rotate.  When all the pins are out of the way, presto:  The tumbler turns, the lock opens, and you’re in”.  Yep, that’s all there is to it . . .

Armed with a “tension wrench and a pick from a lock-picking tool set” or a couple of bobby pins, here’s what the book says you should do:

Step One:  Insert the wrench into the keyhole and determine which way the cylinder rotates to unlock.  It’ll give a little bit when turned the correct way.  Keep applying pressure to the wrench to keep the cylinder held open that fraction of an inch.

Step Two:  Insert the pick into the keyhole above the wrench, and find the pins locking the cylinder in place.  Start with the farthest pin, pushing it up until you hear a click-that sound means the pin has been pushed out of the way.

Step Three:  Repeat with the rest of the pins until they’ve all been pushed out of the cylinder.  Give the wrench a twist and voila!

Step Four:  Use the wrench or bobby pin to turn the cylinder and open the lock.

As a disclaimer, never attempt to pick a lock that doesn’t belong to you.  Locks are meant to keep you out and opening the lock without permission may land you in jail.  Nevertheless, lockpicking is a skill that is good to have in case society ever falls; odds are everyone will be keeping food and supplies locked up tight.

Has anyone ever tried picking a lock?  I have, and its certainly not as easy as they make it sound.  Even armed with proper tools (from a kit I bought online) I’ve only successfully opened one lock.  It is definitely a skill that requires a lot of practice.

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