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I know this wont be of interest to most of my followers, but I know SOME of you are into video games and gaming.  Heather and I have finally started putting more work into our other blog, Very Busy Gamers, and have set up a Youtube channel as well.  We plan to do some “Let’s Play” style videos and will likely be posting other game-related content too.

If you’re interested, head over to our page and check out what we have so far.  It’s a work in progress but we’re going to be updating it pretty often now.  So far we only have videos up for Bioshock and Alan Wake, but we’ve already got enough content saved up for another week worth of videos and we’re making more every day.

If you’re NOT interested, or the sound of our voices drives you insane, that’s fine too.  No hard feelings.  🙂


I’ve been promising to have more videos soon, and this is just to let everyone know I’m still working toward that.  I’ve created a new youtube account as well as a new email address for my blog.  This will help me keep personal emails and blog related emails separate.

The new youtube account is BackyardShooterBlog.  I’ve brought over most of the shooting videos I had on my other page.  Right now there are four total.  The newest is featured below.  You can watch it here or over on the youtube page, or not at all, its your choice.

Please forgive my appearance.  I was rather shaggy.  The next day I shaved my beard and buzzed off 90% of my hair.  Back to my normal look.  As I mention in the description of the video, this was a test of both my new camcorder as well as my new 10 round Black Dog Machine magazine.  I hope to get a review of the magazine up in the next few days so watch for that.

**  Updated on 3/21/13  **

Over the weekend I decided to do some shooting and try to record some of it.  Until now I had no videos of me shooting my guns at all.  I figured I would take this time to try my hand at a series of videos on Youtube.  The video is posted and you can watch it over HERE if you are interested.  It’s less than 6 minutes long and if you skip the parts where I’m talking it’s probably only about 2.

If you don’t want to watch the video you can just keep reading.

Aaron left his Mini-14 with me when he went back for the semester because it wasn’t working correctly.  The gas block had become lose and the bushing had fallen out into the stock itself.  It took me all of about 5 minutes to fix it and I took it with me to the range, along with my rifles, to test fire it.

I shot 40 rounds (2 magazines) through it and it functioned beautifully.  It did feel like it had more kick than my Mini but I think that might just be because his stock is much lighter than my Strikeforce stock.  I had less trouble keeping my rifle on target while shooting at a decent pace.  His was bouncing a lot.  His however does have better iron sights which made initial target acquisition a little faster.

The AR15 worked like a champ as always.  I put a couple magazines of .223 through it before dropping in the CMMG conversion kit and unloading 100 rounds (4 magazines) of 22lr.  You should definitely watch the video, even if only to see the conversion kit in action.  Its one thing for me to write about it a bunch, but seeing how this thing shoots is pretty neat.  The only thing better I guess would be actually shooting it yourself.

I met some nice people at the range; a few were even from my area.  The guy who was set up beside me had a virtual armory.  He had around 4 or 5 pistols, I think 2 rifles, and a shotgun or two.  He was a little bit reckless with his shooting but he was fun to watch.  We talked a bit and he even let me shoot his Remington Versa Max shotgun.  That thing was awesome.  It held 9 shells and fired as fast as you could pull the trigger.  He demonstrates this in the last segment of my video.  If I ever win the lottery, I’m getting one.

I don’t really have much to add beyond that.  I didn’t track my groups or anything like that this time.  I was mostly focused on getting decent videos and having fun.  Subscribe if you like my blog and I hope everyone has a good week.

Rather than post about something new today I thought I would wish everyone and their families a happy Thanksgiving.  I also want to take this time to thank my viewers for their support.  It’s been great seeing this blog come together and actually start bringing in consistent views.  Every view inspires me to keep going.  Getting a subscription or comment are even better.  I love hearing from my readers and wish I could hear from more of them.  If you ever have a question or comment feel free to leave me a comment or send me an email (my information is over on my About page).

Speaking of my pages, I’ve been updating my site a bit today.  I went back through some of my old posts and corrected some mistakes I had made.  I also added a page titled Wish List the other day that features things I want to get in the future and why.  My About page has also been updated to show my email address and includes a link to my YouTube page since I’ve begun uploading some of my videos.  I hope to start posting to YouTube more often so I can actually showcase some of my guns and how they shoot.

Once again, thanks for your support and have a happy Thanksgiving!