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It seems that my previous post, “Ammo Out of Stock? Maybe Not“, was number 100!  I am very pleased to have made it this far and to have received as much support as I have.  It’s been a really great experience blogging about guns and shooting because it’s something I am really interested in.

So I want to say thanks to all my viewers.  Especially my subscribers.  Seeing the number of subscribers slowly increase over the past few months has been inspiring and has made me want to continue even more than before.

And in honor of 100 (well 101 now) posts, I’m going to give away a box of ammo!  I have more .223, 7.62×39, and 22lr ammo than I need at the moment and I figure this is a good way to thank one lucky subscriber.  The winner will get to choose either .223, 7.62, or 22lr and I will ship a box (20 rounds of .223/7.62 or 50 rounds of 22lr) to them absolutely free.  I have several brands of each kind and I will offer a few to choose from in case the winner is picky.  🙂

To win, simply comment below.  The first subscriber to post a comment below will receive the ammo.  I will contact the winner as soon as there is one!  If you’re not already a subscriber you can always become one today and still have a chance to win.  Plus, you never know, I might do more giveaways in the future too!

***  The winner of the giveaway is David  ***
He will be receiving a box of ammo of his choice for his quick reaction to my post.  Don’t worry though, I might do more of these in the future so there’s still good reason to become a subscriber if you aren’t already!