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My boss just called in and told me this had happened.  I looked it up and thought I should share it.  There are many places already talking about like here on CNN.  In addition there have been a few videos come out, including the one below.  Is it a terrorist attack or just a freak accident?  I don’t know enough about it at this point so if anyone else can shed some light feel free to jump in.  I’ll try to update if anything new comes up.

As of now there are at least 2 dead and 28 injured from what I’m reading.

** Update 7:30pm **

The bombing is being considered an act of terrorism. Its believed the explosions were caused by portable devices and 2 people are confired dead. There are at least 99 people who received injuries.

There is a “person of interest” being looked into a this time so hopfully we will know more soon.

** Update 04/16/13 **

Its now being said that there are 3 dead and over 140 injured as a result of yesterday’s bombing.  One of the victims who died was an 8 year old boy.  Contrary to what was believed yesterday, Commissioner Ed Davis said there is “no person of interest in custody”.

More info as well as pictures (warning: some are very graphic) and videos can be found over on The Survival Place.  The author has been covering this story very thoroughly the past two days so there is a wealth of information over there.


I’ve been promising to have more videos soon, and this is just to let everyone know I’m still working toward that.  I’ve created a new youtube account as well as a new email address for my blog.  This will help me keep personal emails and blog related emails separate.

The new youtube account is BackyardShooterBlog.  I’ve brought over most of the shooting videos I had on my other page.  Right now there are four total.  The newest is featured below.  You can watch it here or over on the youtube page, or not at all, its your choice.

Please forgive my appearance.  I was rather shaggy.  The next day I shaved my beard and buzzed off 90% of my hair.  Back to my normal look.  As I mention in the description of the video, this was a test of both my new camcorder as well as my new 10 round Black Dog Machine magazine.  I hope to get a review of the magazine up in the next few days so watch for that.

**  Updated on 3/21/13  **

Its been a long time since I’ve purchased a dedicated video camera.  I’ve been using my Samsung GalaxyS for videos recently and it works great, but it just can’t do what I want.  So when I started looking for a camcorder, I went to Best Buy.

The salespeople were nowhere to be seen, so I started looking around and playing with the various models on my own.  I tried camcorders by Sony, Panasonic, and more, but I stopped and spent most of my time in front of the Samsung models.  I own 2 Samsung tvs, a Samsung phone, a Samsung Tablet, and now a Samsung camcorder.  I love their products and they’re an easy company to deal with.

I wasn’t able to test video playback in the store, but I did get to look through all the settings and try the zoom and image stabilization.  Focus was very fast and I was able to zoom the entire length of the store and read the price tags.  I was impressed with how it worked and especially the $179 price tag.  So now I get to test all the features.


  • Easy to use:  I was able to pick it up and start recording as soon as I opened the box.  Nothing complicated about it.
  • Can take pictures as well as video:  Being able to take both video and pictures is pretty handy.  See below for quality comparison.
  • HD video (1280 X 720):  Even after editing, converting, and compressing for Youtube, quality is still impressive.  Straight out of the camera its simply incredible
  • HDMI output:  Almost all tvs now have an HDMI input, so having HDMI as an output on the camera means I can just plug it in and watch my videos in true HD.
  • MP4 video files:  In the world of file types, the MP4 seems to be the most modern.  Most phones use them now and in my experience its been easy to edit without losing much quality.  I’m no tech guru, but I am pretty certain the MP4 is superior to most other video file types out there.
  • 52X optical zoom:  Optical zoom is always superior to digital zoom because digital zoom distorts the image.  Optical zoom (from my understanding) uses only lenses and glass to zoom.  One reason I love my DSLR is the interchangeable zoom lenses; no need to rely on digital enhancement to see farther.
  • Image stabilization:  As I mention in the cons below, this thing is too light.  Having the camcorder automatically stabilize the shot for you (or try to at least) is a huge benefit.
  • Accepts SD, SDHC, and SDXC memory cards:  Any time you have several options its usually a good thing.  After years of going through cameras and phones, I have several of these cards laying around.  I still bought a new one though since 8GB was only $8.
  • Can still record while charging/no battery:  While not practical, I have already used this capability twice.  I can sit on the couch and record things inside or out the window, even when the battery is dead, as long as I have it plugged up.
  • USB Charging (includes wall outlet):  USB charging is standard on most devices now.  The days of product specific chargers is gone (thank goodness!).  I can charge this thing anywhere I go (new cars are even equipped with USB ports now) and that’s always a plus.
  • Removeable/replacable battery:  No product should ever be made without replaceable batteries (Apple I’m looking at you).  Products that are unable to outlive their battery life are pointless and being able to change batteries allows me to carry a spare (I have 4 for my DSLR) when traveling.  There are few things worse than witnessing something amazing only to find out you have no charged batteries to record it with.
  • Built-in speakers for playback:  There’s nothing worse than catching your buddy just as he trips and falls on the ice and being unable to play back his f-bomb and cries of pain.  There’s no downside to including speakers, yet some companies still don’t.
  • Stereo microphones:  Why not?  Guys always brag about their stereo systems and how impressive it sounds, but all that is wasted if your videos are recorded with only one mic.
  • Lens-cover reminder:  Its easy to tell when the cover is on; the screen stays black.  Sometimes though it takes a second or two for that to register in your head.  Having a message flash on the screen is a simple reminder that doesn’t get in the way at all.  All companies should have little features like this in my opinion.


  • Focus is not as quick (or accurate) as I had thought:  It sometimes takes more than one or two seconds for the camera to figure out where to focus.  And it doesn’t always know what I’m looking at.
  • Small, even for my small hands:  My hand wraps all the way around the body and reaching both the record button and the zoom require me to bend my fingers more than a comfortable amount.  Finding the photo button is also a challenge for my fingers.
  • Light:  If firearms have taught me anything, its that weight isn’t always a bad thing.  If something is really light and held in your hands at arms length, its difficult to hold steady for most people.
  • LCD playback is not as clear as actual video:  The LCD display obviously isn’t HD, so playback isn’t going to match the actual quality.  Unfortunately this sometimes makes it difficult to see if the video you just shot is good or not.
  • Playback is sorta confusing at first:  You’ve gotta press and hold to the right more than 3 seconds to activate fast forward.  Tapping right or left only once goes to the next video, even when viewing playback full screen.  Stopping fast forward or reverse requires that you press “OK”.  Pressing the opposite direction reverses the playback.  Just a little confusing initially.
  • Mini USB:  The current standard for phones is Micro USB, and I personally think that should’ve been carried over to this.  Mini USB hasn’t been standard since the PS3 was released.  Having all my cables utilize the same connections makes things a lot simpler but I can live with it like it is.
  • Can’t close the LCD screen while charging:  This is probably to help stabilize the camcorder itself to prevent falling or leaning on the cable.  Unfortunately it takes up twice as much space this way so charging is a little less convenient.  Maybe I’m nitpicking here but I would prefer if it could charge while closed.
  • Have to charge batteries IN the camcorder itself:  This is only inconvenient if you intend to use multiple batteries.  My DSLR uses a seperate charging device for the batteries which means I can be charging one while I’m using another.  There are probably devices built for this purpose that you can buy, but it should’ve come with the camcorder itself in my opinion.


  • Auto upload to Youtube:  I honestly haven’t even tried using this feature because I haven’t had internet at my dad’s.  But I also wouldn’t use it because I like to check everything on a computer first so I can edit anything if I need to.
  • Pictures (at a distance) are not that sharp:  Definitely not HD quality but its not a DSLR or anything.  It does what its designed for and nothing more.  Pictures of things close up are really good but zooming at all diminishes the quality significantly.  See below for comparison.

In a day or two I’ll add I’ve added some photos and videos to let you judge the image/recording quality for yourself.  But until then, Hopefully my review can at least give you an idea of what the Samsung F90 camcorder has to offer.  I’m definitely pleased with it and think I made a good investment.  As time goes on and I get more and more videos uploaded, perhaps it will speak for itself.

If you’ve used this product for yourself and have an opinion of it, please feel free to share it.  I didn’t find any reviews of it at all online before I bought it, so let’s get some up.  Whether you love it or hate it, let me know in the comments below.

Taken with Samsung F90BN under ideal circumstances

Taken with Samsung F90BN under ideal circumstances

Taken with Sony a300 DSLR under ideal circumstances

Taken with Sony a300 DSLR under ideal circumstances

Make sure you watch this video on the best quality setting if you want to judge the recording quality.

**  More photos and videos to come  **

I doubt it would take much effort on my part to convince you that I spend a large amount of time online.  From reading about guns to watching video game and movie reviews.  I do it all.  The internet contains way more information than any one person could ever consume in a lifetime.

In the past few days I’ve come across several videos that I would like to share with you.  They all feature guns and I think they’re all pretty neat.  Some are for gun rights, some are for training, and some are just for fun.  But if you’re into guns, I doubt you’ll find any of these videos to be boring.

AK47 Tactical Reload Drills – I think this is a really good video, even if you don’t own an AK47.  The AK47 is designed pretty similar to how my Mini-14 is set up, and I will actually be able to use the drills in the video exactly as shown.  My favorite part of the video is the “Strong hand emergency reload”.  In the event you become injured and can only use one hand to shoot, it’s important to practice how to do that.  And that’s a skill that can be practiced with any rifle.


We’re Free Already – This is apparently a new ad by the NRA.  It talks about how we the people give our government power.  It’s not the other way around.  “We grant them power.  We protect them.  We’re free already”.


UTS-15 12 Gauge – FPSRussia is at it again, this time with the UTS-15 shotgun.  I like his videos because they’re kinda funny and full of guns and explosions.  In this video he takes the shotgun and pits it against some fire extinguishers, a toilet, and lots of paint cans.  And yes, I know he’s not actually Russian . . .


AR15 Deer Hunting .223 – The videos is of a guy hunting deer with an AR15 chambered in .223.  Lots of people say the .223 cartridge isn’t powerful enough to take down larger game, but it’s not true.  The video is of him shooting the deer up to the 1:45 mark.  After that it’s pictures of the bullet wounds and the damage the bullets caused (somewhat graphic).  Now tell me again how an AR15 isn’t a hunting rifle.


Ruger SR22: Special Ops Ready?! – Yea, ok, I’m a Ruger Fanboy.  I’ve loved every Ruger firearm I’ve ever shot.  And I own two.  I bought my SR22 on a whim with no prior handgun experience and no knowledge of which 22 pistol was best. I went in blind, handled the guns, and chose the SR22 hands down.  Maybe this video is just to stroke my ego a little for picking such an excellent gun, but it’s an interesting (albeit long) review of the Ruger SR22 pistol.


That’s all for today.  I might do some more posts like this in the future since I’m always finding new videos, but not sure yet.  Let me know what you think about some of these in the comments below!

The people over at Gunmart Blog posted a few cool shooting videos and I wanted to share one of them.  I think this video is really cool to watch.  I’m not a fan of the song (though I’m not putting down Johnny Cash in any way) but I certainly love all the weapons and gear.

I would love to post the video right here on my sight but it’s way too expensive for me to do that through WordPress.  So instead you just gotta go see the video on Youtube.

What I like the most is seeing how they all hold their rifles differently.  Everyone seems to have their own techniques and yet they all seem to have really good weapon control.  I would love to be able to unload an entire magazine on my target as fast as they do.  If I tried it however, I would have bullets flying in every direction!

But like everything, it just takes practice.  Perhaps one day I’ll be there.  But that’s like 10,000 rounds and $9,000 in the future most likely . . .