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Last week I ran a poll on my blog (its posted below as well to continue the voting) that asked what your favorite type of gun was for recreational shooting.  The choices were handguns, rifles, or shotguns.  At the end of the week there were a total of 30 votes, making it the one with the most votes so far.  Handguns won by far with 18 votes.  Rifles were next with 11 votes.  Shotguns brought up the rear with one lonely vote.

I honestly thought that rifles would have had the most, even though I personally prefer handguns as well.  The reason I thought rifles would be the favorite is because there has been such a fus lately about ARs and tactical rifles.  .223 ammo had been impossible to find for a while, so I just naturally assumed that people were more interested in shooting rifles.  But it seems I may have been wrong.

The reason I prefer handguns is just because they’re smaller and less cumbersome than a rifle. You can load up 2 or 3 pistols and head to the range for the same effort as one rifle. Ammo is smaller and generally less expensive. Rifles are fun as well, don’t get me wrong, but I just love taking my Ruger SR22 to the range and blasting through a bunch of 22s.

Here’s the poll again (over on the right) in case you didn’t get a chance to vote before I pulled it down. Let me know in the comments why you voted the way you did. What makes you prefer a handgun over a rifle or vice versa? Is it convenience or something else? Do you prefer the tactical applications your AR brings, or are you more of a Glock aficionado? Lets get the debate rolling!

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Its been almost two weeks since my last set of videos so I thought I should go ahead and do another.  These are just videos that I think are interesting or informative.  If you see anything in particular you want to mention or talk about, leave a comment below.  This week’s list covers home defense ammo, the Constitution, tactical training, and 3D guns.  Enjoy.

Shotgun Ammo for Home Defense

There are a lot of people who argue against using bird shot in your home defense shotgun, but here’s a guy on the other side.  He attempts to debunk the myths that surround using bird shot for self defense.  He sounds pretty convincing.  This video came to me from The Survival Place Blog.


The Constitution Did Not Guarantee Public Safety

Over at Gunmart they posted this video and I wanted to share it with you in case you missed it.  The guy in the video is very angry and he has a right to be.  He brings up good points while he’s speaking out against proposed gun control laws.


 World’s Greatest Tactical Instructor

This is another video that came to me from Gunmart.  This one is less serious however.  Watch it and have a laugh.  Its not the funniest thing out there but its a humorous gun-related video so I thought I would share.  My favorite part is the final reload.


 3D Printed Gun Documentary

Regardless of where you stand on the issue of printed guns and gun hardware, you have to admit its an interesting concept.  With the cost of 3D printers coming down all the time, its becoming possible for individual consumers to buy them.  Tie that in with the growing gun control agenda and you’ve got experimental printed guns.  Its a no brainer really.  We’ve come so far, technologically, in the past 100 years or so; Imagine what the next few decades may produce . . .

The trailer for this came to me from Tactical Gear and Military Clothing News but you can see the entire documentary below:


 Share your thoughts below.  I’m particularly interested in hearing everyone’s opinion about printed guns.  I myself am kinda on the fence with this one.  Its a cool idea and I would love to print myself a gun or two, but at the same time this makes it possible for anyone anywhere to produce firearm parts that are otherwise regulated.

There are reasons we lock our doors and keep our blinds closed.  Nobody wants to be faced with a home invasion.  Every step we can take to make it harder for an intruder helps us sleep better.  But what happens if your home’s defenses don’t stop an intruder?

30)  Handle an Intruder

If someone has broken into your home while you’re inside, here’s what you should do:

Step One:  Dial 911 if you suspect someone has broken into your home.  Don’t investigate.  After all, people in horror movies always die when they try to find out what caused that bump in the night . . .

Step Two:  Escape.  There is no reason to confront a criminal if you can safely get out of harms way.  Your possessions are just material things.  Most can be replaced.  Your life, and the lives of your family members, cannot.

Step Three:  “If you’re trapped, don’t resist”.  If the intruders demand your money or posessions, give it to them.  Only fight back if you have no other option and your life is in danger.

Step Four:  If you own a weapon, consider arming yourself.  Make sure you know how to use the weapon you choose though.  Trying to use that shotgun you’ve been meaning to practice with for months may not be a good idea.  The last thing you want is to use a weapon incorrectly and hurt yourself or a family member.  Also, always maintain control of the weapon so it doesn’t fall into the intruder’s hands.

Has anyone ever dealt with a home invasion?  Share your stories here if you’d like.  How did you deal with the situation?  I’ve never been home during a break in but we’ve had break-ins happen twice now.  It definitely makes you think about your safety.

This post is a combination of my own opinions and information provided in the book, Urban Survival Guide, by Rich Johnson.  This post is only here to provide general information.  Always use extreme caution in any situation like the ones described above.

I’ve been taking note of any videos that I thought might be worth sharing the past few days, and the list below is what I decided on.  Look over the list and watch a few of the videos.  Some are short and some are long, but all are interesting.  Let me know what you think about some of them in the comments below.

Home Defense on a Budget – This came to me via the Gunmart Blog and I wanted to share it.  Lots of people want to go out and buy an AR (Mini-14 in my case) for their first firearm, but in most cases its just not practical.  This video talks about some of the alternatives you should consider, especially if you’re looking for a home defense weapon.


How to Clean an AR15 in Your Bra and Panties – Talk about gun porn . . . I posted this mostly because of how sexual they make the video.  I mean, its already a video with a woman touching all over a gun (let the jokes fly), but then they remove her clothes and play some background music and speak in a sort of whisper . . . I just thinks its amusing.  Probably NSFW though so be careful where you watch it.  But if you can get past all that, its actually an accurate instructional video.

AR15 Deer Hunting Quick Kill – Another video showing that the .223 round can certainly put down a deer.  Not sure why so many people say its not powerful enough for big game hunting.  I’m not a deer hunter, but I certainly don’t see any reason someone couldn’t use a .223 set up to hunt with.


AR15 M4 Speed Loading/Shooting – In my last set of videos I linked to one showing reload drills for the AK47; this time I looked for something similar for the AR15.  While not really different drills, it shows how changing a magazine works, with actual firing as well.  Pretty cool to watch people change magazines that fast.  Makes me want to go home and practice really really bad.


Let’s Talk About Rice – As someone who suffers from celiac disease I am very familiar with rice.  Its one of the only foods I can grab off the shelf and fix without having to worry about other ingredients or accidentally ingesting gluten.  But this lady goes in depth to a level I didn’t even know existed.  For almost 21 minutes she talks about rice, in several different varieties.  Definitely give it a look if you eat much rice.  This came to me through The Survival Place Blog.


Connecticut Manufacturers and Employees Speak Up – This video came to me via the Common Sense Tactical and Practical blog.  The video interviews employees who work at Connecticut based gun manufacturers about opinions on “modern sporting rifles” such as the AR15.  Pretty interesting and I think its worth taking a look.


Rising Through the Ranks – Just posting this video again in case you missed it over here.  This is the NRA video for Katelyn Francis.  They interview her about her thoughts on shooting and safety and things like that.  It’s really cool to see this 13 year old girl doing something like this.  She definitely has a future in guns ahead of her.

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I doubt it would take much effort on my part to convince you that I spend a large amount of time online.  From reading about guns to watching video game and movie reviews.  I do it all.  The internet contains way more information than any one person could ever consume in a lifetime.

In the past few days I’ve come across several videos that I would like to share with you.  They all feature guns and I think they’re all pretty neat.  Some are for gun rights, some are for training, and some are just for fun.  But if you’re into guns, I doubt you’ll find any of these videos to be boring.

AK47 Tactical Reload Drills – I think this is a really good video, even if you don’t own an AK47.  The AK47 is designed pretty similar to how my Mini-14 is set up, and I will actually be able to use the drills in the video exactly as shown.  My favorite part of the video is the “Strong hand emergency reload”.  In the event you become injured and can only use one hand to shoot, it’s important to practice how to do that.  And that’s a skill that can be practiced with any rifle.


We’re Free Already – This is apparently a new ad by the NRA.  It talks about how we the people give our government power.  It’s not the other way around.  “We grant them power.  We protect them.  We’re free already”.


UTS-15 12 Gauge – FPSRussia is at it again, this time with the UTS-15 shotgun.  I like his videos because they’re kinda funny and full of guns and explosions.  In this video he takes the shotgun and pits it against some fire extinguishers, a toilet, and lots of paint cans.  And yes, I know he’s not actually Russian . . .


AR15 Deer Hunting .223 – The videos is of a guy hunting deer with an AR15 chambered in .223.  Lots of people say the .223 cartridge isn’t powerful enough to take down larger game, but it’s not true.  The video is of him shooting the deer up to the 1:45 mark.  After that it’s pictures of the bullet wounds and the damage the bullets caused (somewhat graphic).  Now tell me again how an AR15 isn’t a hunting rifle.


Ruger SR22: Special Ops Ready?! – Yea, ok, I’m a Ruger Fanboy.  I’ve loved every Ruger firearm I’ve ever shot.  And I own two.  I bought my SR22 on a whim with no prior handgun experience and no knowledge of which 22 pistol was best. I went in blind, handled the guns, and chose the SR22 hands down.  Maybe this video is just to stroke my ego a little for picking such an excellent gun, but it’s an interesting (albeit long) review of the Ruger SR22 pistol.


That’s all for today.  I might do some more posts like this in the future since I’m always finding new videos, but not sure yet.  Let me know what you think about some of these in the comments below!

My boss showed me this video first thing this morning and I just couldn’t believe the girl was 13.  She makes my shooting skills look like a sick animal that needs to be put out of its misery.  But its really cool to watch her either way.  Here’s the video:

Click here to read the article.

The girl in the video is Katelyn Francis and she is a 3-gun competitor.  In the video she uses an ACR rifle, a 12ga shotgun, and a 9mm pistol.  She has no problem making the transition from one gun to the next and fires them all with equal precision.

And just to add to how awesome this little girl is, here’s a quote from her:

“For those of you who say I need to find cover and try doing it with people shooting back……I am 13 and this is a competition. For those (few) of you who think I should be playing with barbies instead of guns and who think this type of sport will make me a bad person. I play on several sports teams at my school. I also make straight A’s. I am a girly girl (notice the finger nail polish). I have been shooting since I was 5 and do not play video games. Not that I dont like them, I would rather shoot real guns than fake ones. i have never had any professional training except from my dad and a couple of his buddies.”

Way to tell em’ Katelyn!  I am now really curious to see if I can find a 3-gun group near me.  This looks like something I would really be interested in trying.

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I came across this great post over at that was written by S.C. Sherman.  It’s a really well written piece and I think he raises some interesting points.  Below is how it starts:

“One day back in 1987, I walked into High School carrying a 12 gauge shotgun. There was no fanfare. No shrieking, no lock down, and no one called 911. I didn’t get arrested or go crazy. No one really cared. The biggest problem we had was trying to fit it into my locker. If I remember correctly, we made it work by placing my locker partner’s trombone on top of the lockers just for that day. Just for the record and kudos … his name was Chris Shutts, currently serving in Afghanistan. Thanks Chris.”

You know you want to read it.  So go do it.  It’s really good.