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I have to be honest and admit that over the past few months, I’ve tried to keep my eyes away from the news and world politics.  It’s just too depressing and frustrating most of the time.  Off and on I’ve followed the conflict in Ukraine, but the issue with ISIS has mostly eluded me.

That said, today I heard that members of ISIS has beheaded an american photojournalist, James Foley.  Beheading him wasn’t enough either.  They also forced him to read a letter before executing him on video.  I really can’t understand why a religious group finds murder acceptable, let alone torture and execution.  It’s just unfathomable.

I’d like to go on but I really don’t have much to add to the subject so rather than repeat all the info I’ve been reading over, I’ll just link to some other pages so you can read it direct from the sources.  Hopefully Foley’s family can rest easy knowing he was trying to do something good with his life and help other people.

More Info:
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Over at Gunmart Blog, they’ve always been good to me.  From pretty early on they started linking to posts of mine in their Daily Firearms News updates.  I think they played a huge part in getting my search rank up to where it is now.  In fact, they’ve referred 953 (as of this post) views to my blog since I started, making them second only to Google Search.

When I heard that they had launched a new website specifically for their “Daily Firearm News” I had to spread the word.  The website is called The Gun Feed.  Over on the new website they will be providing links to firearm news, articles, videos, reviews, and more, from every part of the web.

Go give it a look.  I’m sure you’ll find something over there worth reading or watching.

My boss just called in and told me this had happened.  I looked it up and thought I should share it.  There are many places already talking about like here on CNN.  In addition there have been a few videos come out, including the one below.  Is it a terrorist attack or just a freak accident?  I don’t know enough about it at this point so if anyone else can shed some light feel free to jump in.  I’ll try to update if anything new comes up.

As of now there are at least 2 dead and 28 injured from what I’m reading.

** Update 7:30pm **

The bombing is being considered an act of terrorism. Its believed the explosions were caused by portable devices and 2 people are confired dead. There are at least 99 people who received injuries.

There is a “person of interest” being looked into a this time so hopfully we will know more soon.

** Update 04/16/13 **

Its now being said that there are 3 dead and over 140 injured as a result of yesterday’s bombing.  One of the victims who died was an 8 year old boy.  Contrary to what was believed yesterday, Commissioner Ed Davis said there is “no person of interest in custody”.

More info as well as pictures (warning: some are very graphic) and videos can be found over on The Survival Place.  The author has been covering this story very thoroughly the past two days so there is a wealth of information over there.