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Every caliber of ammunition over on my Ammo Availability page is now up to date.  It took a long time and I apologize for that, but hopefully it was worth the wait.

As I was changing the in-stock numbers I noticed that almost everything had improved.  9mm ammo in particular saw a huge increase in availability from last month.  Several websites had more than doubled their previous inventory.  Not only that but 50 Action Express is now available on at least 3 websites for a combined 8 options.  That’s significantly better that previous updates.

On another note, I want to thank all of my subscribers for their continued support.  Even while I’ve been away from the blog, moving into our apartment, I’ve continued to gain followers.  I’m up to 80 now and that’s pretty cool to me.  I never thought anything I said or wrote was worth listening to or reading, but you’ve all proven me wrong.

I know my posts aren’t always that interesting and sometimes I don’t post at all, but knowing that people like to read what I have to say motivates me to keep going and improving.  Its been a fun 7 months and I’m looking forward to many more to come.  Thanks.


Years ago I came across bitcoins.  I considered investing a little of my own “real world” money in them but ultimately decided against it.  I wasn’t much of an investor or risk taker at age 17.  However, it seems to have caught on a lot better than I ever expected.  I’ve even come across a few online retailers that have started offering that as one of their accepted payment methods.

If you aren’t familiar with bitcoins I suggest you check out the Wikipedia page I linked to at the start of the post.  Basically, the bitcoin is a form of currency that is used online and backed by the internet community.  No government is involved in managing the currency and many believe it to be a safer investment than a national currency such as the dollar.

Another benefit to the bitcoin is that transactions are anonymous.  It is extremely difficult to track transactions and find who the individual purchaser or seller really is.  I’m sure it can be done but as far as I understand its pretty secure.  A lot of people see this as a huge advantage in a world where purchases are becoming easier and easier to track every day, where “big brother” is always watching.

It seems the gun industry has taken notice as well.

While selling guns in the manner described in the above article may be illegal, it may be near impossible to prosecute anyone if bitcoin transactions are as secure as they claim.  If gun laws continue to restrict our access to firearms I believe we’ll begin to see a lot more of this in the future.

It has a bit of a “black market” feel to it but using bitcoins in general is not illegal.  No government backs it but none denounce it either.  Its only as useful as its patrons find it to be.  I suppose all currency starts that way: People get together and decide something has value, even if its not a coin or paper.  After all, people were using chickens and pigs as currency long before gold and silver.

What are your thoughts on the bitcoin?  Is it here to stay or just a fad that will die out?  Will this help fuel the black market for guns or do you think it will somehow be restrained?  Will the government allow such a currency to exist or will it become illegal to trade using such a currency?  And if it becomes illegal, will they actually be capable of prosecuting anyone using it?  Let me know what you think in the comments.

I had a revelation on my drive home today.  The way I’ve been handling these ammo updates is not very efficient at all.  I’ve been trying to find a way to provide the updates more often while not sacrificing my soul and all my free time to do so; I may have done it.

As of this moment, I will no longer be posting new updates regarding ammunition availability.  Instead, I am working on an entirely new page for the blog that will have permanent links to every supplier I check, even if there is no ammo in stock.  The updates will come in the way of updates to the page itself.  I’ll change the information beside the links to show what is available each time I update things.

The goal of this is to ease the pressure on myself by eliminating all the redundant typing that I do each week.  In addition, it will clean things up.  I will no longer be continuously building a list of posts that become irrelevant when a new one is added.  One other benefit to this method is that I will be providing all my suppliers, even if they have nothing in stock one week.  Hopefully this will help others discover suppliers that they may not have known about before.  Since I can’t cover every caliber out there, maybe having that extra resource will be at least a little help to those who are looking for other types of ammo.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please let me know.  If there are any other calibers that you would like included, please leave a comment.  If you’re vocal about what you would like to see I’ll do my best to include them.  Having everything on one page will make it a lot easier for me to add other calibers.

One last thing!  As requested in a previous update, I’ve added 7mm Remington Magnum to the list.  From now on you’ll be able to find availability for that caliber on my blog as well.

Click Here To Go To The New Page

I’m sure a few of you noticed that I didn’t post over the weekend aside from my pistol ammo update Saturday morning.  Part of the reason was that I wanted a break and to spend some time with my fiance (which I did).  The other reason is better described in this parody song over on YouTube (this video contains spoilers).

That’s right, I was trapped in a Game of Thrones marathon.  I absolutely love that show.  I’m not a huge fan of all the sex and blood (this is not a show for children) but the story line itself is pretty cool.  Re-watched the entire 1st season and started watching the 2nd.  So that’s why I didn’t take much time to post.

But I’m back now, with an ammo update.  Hopefully that’ll make up for my slacking off.  Here’s what was available as of March 25th, 2013 at 12:55pm:

Able Ammo – 11 options – 6 options
AmmoMan – 3 options
Ammo For Sale – 5 options
Bulk Ammo – 7 options
Cheaper Than Dirt – 7 options
GunBot – Many options
Lucky Gunner – 7 options
Surplus Ammo – 18 options
Ventura Munitions – 2 options

Able Ammo – 11 options – 9 options
AmmoMan – 3 options
Ammo For Sale – 8 options
Bulk Ammo – 10 options
Cheaper Than Dirt – 7 options
GunBot – Many options
Lucky Gunner – 8 options
Surplus Ammo – 18 options
Ventura Munitions – 2 options

Able Ammo – 2 options – WPA Military Classic
Ammo For Sale – WPA Military Classic
Bulk Ammo – 2 options
Cheaper Than Dirt – 3 options
DAG Ammo – 2 options of TulAmmo
GunBot – Many options
J & G Sales – PMC Bronze
Lucky Gunner – 2 options
Sportsmans Guide – Blank ammo
Surplus Ammo – 2 options of TulAmmo
Ventura Munitions – 2 options

Able Ammo – TulAmmo – 3 options
AmmoMan – 2 options
Ammo 2 U – 3 options
Bulk Ammo – 4 options
Cheaper Than Dirt – 3 options
DAG Ammo – TulAmmo
J & G Sales – 7 options
Lucky Gunner – 5 options
Sportsmans Guide – 5 options
Surplus Ammo – 6 options

Able Ammo – 5 options
AmmoMan – Blank 22 ammo
Bulk Ammo – 2 options
Cheaper Than Dirt – 3 options
GunBot – 7 options
J & G Sales – Eley ammo
Lucky Gunner – Federal shot shells
Natchez Shooting Supplies – CCI shot shells

Looking pretty good isn’t it?  Well, when you’re only looking at a list I guess it does.  Looking at prices could bring even the strongest man to tears.  Hopefully the prices start dropping as availability picks up again.  We can dream right?

As always, take a second to subscribe if you haven’t already.  Staying subscribed will alert you as soon as I post my updates like this so you can be the first to know what’s available.  And please take a second to vote in the poll on the left of the page if you haven’t already.  Gives me something else to talk about next week.

The majority of my viewers are still arriving here looking for ammo updates and information.  And according to the answers that I’ve received on my poll, ammo updates are still something my readers and subscribers want.  In order to provide more updates more often, I’m going to divide my updates into pistol ammo and rifle ammo.  Having a smaller variety of calibers will allow me to do them quicker and that means less work for me.

Hopefully this way I can give more specific information on each of the options as well.   The pistol updates will include .50AE, .45ACP, and 9mm.  The rifle updates will include .223, 5.56, 7.62×39, 7.62x54R, and 22lr.

So here’s the first update with the new format.  The rifle ammo update should be along tomorrow if life goes as planned.  Here’s what was available as of 4:00pm on March 12th, 2013.

Able Ammo – Hornady 300 grain HP – $40.95/20

.45ACP – 11 options – cheapest at $0.64/round
Ammo For Sale – 13 options – cheapest at $0.64/round
Bulk Ammo – 14 options – cheapest at $0.63/round
Cheaper Than Dirt – 10 options – cheapest at $0.69/round
GunBot – Many options
J & G Sales – 2 options – cheapest at $0.92/round
Lucky Gunner – 12 options – cheapest at $0.64/round
Midway USA – Buffalo Bore 185 grain JHP – $26.99/20
Sportsmans Guide – Remington Golden Saber 185 grain JHP – $24.99/25

9mm – Federal 147 grain JHP – $745/1000
Ammo For Sale – 3 options – Cheapest at $0.74/round
Bulk Ammo – 2 options – cheapest at $0.80/round
Cheaper Than Dirt – Allegiance OneStrike – $34.59/20
GunBot – Many options
SCDS Ammo – 115 grain FMJ – $14/50 rounds

.50AE is still really hard to find.  If anyone knows of a source that I haven’t been looking through, let me know so I can include it.  Also, with these updates being half what they used to be, I could include another caliber to this one.  Vote in the poll below or leave a comment to let me know what you think I should include.

I know its taken a little longer for this update, but just like I said in my last update, its only because is doing a better job than I can.  That and ammo is becoming a lot more available again which is a good thing for everyone.

Here’s what was available as of 8:00pm on March 7th, 2013.  If I’m not mistaken, its the most complete this list has ever been.  Very good sign in my opinion.

Able Ammo – 2 options
GunBot – Cheapest at $0.78 a round – 6 options
Ammo 2 U – Winchester Ranger 64 grain – $150/200
Ammo For Sale – 5 options
Bulk Ammo – 9 options
Cheaper Than Dirt – 5 options
Lucky Gunner – 7 options

GunBot – Cheapest at $0.78 a round – 7 options
Ammo For Sale – 9 options
Bulk Ammo – 10 options
Cheaper Than Dirt – 6 options
J & G Sales – 2 options
Lucky Gunner – 9 options
Natchez Shooting Supplies – Lake City 62 grain FMJ – $80/100

Able Ammo – 2 options
GunBot – Cheapest at $0.36 a round – 8 options
Ammo For Sale – 5 options
Bulk Ammo – 8 options
Cheaper Than Dirt – TulAmmo 122 grain FMJ – $380/500
DAG Ammo – 2 options of TulAmmo
J & G Sales – PMC 123 grain FMJ – $20/20
Lucky Gunner – 8 options
Natchez Shooting Supplies – Wolf Ployformance 122 grain FMJ – $7/20
SCDS Ammo – 4 options of Russian surplus ammo

Able Ammo – 2 options – 2 options
Ammo 2 U – Barnaul 185 grain – $9/20
Bulk Ammo – 4 options
Cheaper Than Dirt – 6 options
DAG Ammo – TulAmmo 148 grain FMJ – $358/500
J & G Sales – 10 options
Lucky Gunner – 5 options
Midway – 5 options
Natchez Shooting Supplies – 2 options of Winchester
SCDS Ammo – 148 grain – $13/20  **CANADA ONLY**
Sportsmans Guide – 9 options

Able Ammo – 2 options

Able Ammo – 6 options
GunBot – Cheapest at $0.58 a round – 15 options
Ammo 2 U – 2 options of Winchester
Ammo For Sale – 17 options
Bulk Ammo – 18 options
Cheaper Than Dirt – 13 options
J & G Sales – 6 options
Lucky Gunner – 16 options
Midway – 4 options of Buffalo Bore
Sportsmans Guide – 5 options

Able Ammo – Hornady Critical Duty
GunBot – Cheapest at $0.69 a round
Cheaper Than Dirt – TulAmmo 115 grain FMJ – 50/$34.59
SCDS Ammo – 115 grain FMJ – $14/50  **CANADA ONLY**

Able Ammo – CCI Shotshell and Eley
GunBot – Cheapest at $0.12 a round
Cheaper Than Dirt – Aguila and Eley
J & G Sales – Aguila and Eley
Natchez Shooting Supplies – CCI Shotshells
Sportsmans Guide – CCI Shotshells

If you like the updates, please subscribe.  Motivates me to keep doing these things.  And if you find a deal I didn’t mention, my viewers and I would greatly appreciate it if you share it with us in the comments.  The gun community is a great one and I like when we all help each other; that’s the only reason I’m doing this in the first place . . .

I wanted this post to go out last night but unfortunately I was unable to get it done.  I left my laptop at my dad’s house the other day and since his house is over an hour away I figured the update could wait.  I know, excuses excuses . . .

Anyway, here’s the update I promised.  I’ve decided to remove Powder Valley from my list because checking their site is very tedious for me.  Whatever they use to write the coding for the website prevents loading different parts of the website in separate tabs.  And all the links are just to their home page anyway.  And they don’t usually have much.

Once again, ammo seems to be returning to stores.  7.26×39 appears to have made a come back from my previous ammo update as well.  While some of the calibers only have an option or two, they’re still available.  You can get some ammo, you just can’t be picky.  Below is everything that was available as of 7:32pm on February 22nd, 2013.

.223 – Federal 55 grain FMJ – 1000/$925
Bulk Ammo – Federal American Eagle 55 grain FMJ –  1000/$919
Cheaper Than Dirt – Two options
Lucky Gunner – Speer Gold Dot 64 grain SP – 20/$35
Natchez Shooting Supplies – Remington 69 grain match BTHP – 20/$32

5.56 – Federal and PMC
Ammo For Sale – Federal and PMC
Bulk Ammo – Four options
Cheaper Than Dirt – Six options
Lucky Gunner – Lake City and PMC

7.62x39mm – Brown Bear 123 grain HP – 500/$240
Ammo For Sale – Brown Bear 123 grain HP – 500/$239
Bulk Ammo – Brown Bear 123 grain HP – 500/$235
Cheaper Than Dirt – TulAmmo 122 grain FMJ – 500/$330
DAG Ammo – Two options of TulAmmo
Lucky Gunner – Brown Bear 123 grain HP – 500/$239
SCDS Ammo – Four options of Russian surplus ammo  **CANADA Only**

7.62x54R – Prvi Partizan 182 grain FMJ – 20/$19
Bulk Ammo – Prvi Partizan 182 grain FMJ – 20/$19
Cheaper Than Dirt – Nine options
DAG Ammo – TulAmmo 148 grain FMJ – 500/$358
J & G Sales – Eight options
Lucky Gunner – Two options
Natchez Shooting Supplies – Two options of Winchester
SCDS Ammo – 148 grain FMJ – 20/$13  **CANADA Only**

9mm – Three options
Ammo For Sale – Three options
Bulk Ammo – Three options
Cheaper Than Dirt – Two options of Allegiance
Lucky Gunner – Two options
Midway USA – Two options
SCDS Ammo – 115 grain FMJ – 50/$14  **CANADA Only**

.45ACP – Seventeen options
Ammo For Sale – Nineteen options
Bulk Ammo – Nineteen options
Cheaper Than Dirt – Twenty one options
J & G Sales – Four options
Lucky Gunner – Fifteen options
Midway USA – Two options
Natchez Shooting Supplies – Six options

Cheaper Than Dirt – Double Tap 300 grain JHP – 20/$39.79

Cheaper Than Dirt – Eley and Aguila
J & G Sales – Just some Eley

Hope that helps!  Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog.  If the updates help you out, feel free to subscribe.  They’ll get sent straight to your inbox as soon as I publish them.  Or you can just memorize my blog’s address and type it in every time if you’re one of those people who like to do it the hard way . . .