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My resolution for the new year was to get out and do some more shooting this year and I started out strong.  I spent the first Saturday of 2014 out at the Hite Hollow range near Staunton, Va.  My neighbor had a new pistol to shoot so we loaded everything up and headed out.

I was very surprised at how well I did.  Considering I hadn’t shot any of my rifles in months, I was lucky I could even hit the target.  I really don’t like to let skills sit idle for that long, but I guess it was ok this time.  I managed some pretty tight groups with my two 22 pistols and was hitting extremely accurate with my AR at 50 yards with both 22lr and .223.

The only gun I shot poorly was my neighbor’s pistol.  I don’t think that’s a personal failure either as the gun is nearly the size of my head and I could barely wrap my hand around the grip.  At about 7 yards I was hitting the target close enough to be considered deadly, but the time and effort involved in lining each shot up would definitely have cost me dearly in a real-world situation.  I will definitely need more practice with a gun this size if I intend to ever use one, but for now I think I’ve decided that a 45 just might not be for me.

My SKS, as I expected, was the most fun to shoot.  There’s just something about the 7.62 round being fired from a gun with some wood on it that I really enjoy.  I would love to try shooting an AK47, but I’ll settle with the SKS for now.  It doesn’t kick, its very accurate (even with open sights), and it just looks so cool.  I used to consider my AR to be my #1 choice if things got bad, just because it can shoot two types of ammo.  I think I might be starting to change my mind.  After all, that Bayonet will be very handy when the zombies come . . .



Over at Gunmart Blog, they’ve always been good to me.  From pretty early on they started linking to posts of mine in their Daily Firearms News updates.  I think they played a huge part in getting my search rank up to where it is now.  In fact, they’ve referred 953 (as of this post) views to my blog since I started, making them second only to Google Search.

When I heard that they had launched a new website specifically for their “Daily Firearm News” I had to spread the word.  The website is called The Gun Feed.  Over on the new website they will be providing links to firearm news, articles, videos, reviews, and more, from every part of the web.

Go give it a look.  I’m sure you’ll find something over there worth reading or watching.

The gun show was in town this weekend, the 8th and 9th.  I had been waiting for it for a good few weeks but was actually pretty disappointed when I went.  I should’ve went earlier this weekend but I was unable to and arrived with only 3 hours of the event left.

By then I guess all the reasonably priced firearms (if there were any) had already been purchased.  The only guns I were even slightly interested in were priced over $600.  And about 90% of those were over $1,000.  Way out of my price range.  The only guns I could afford were low end bolt action or lever action hunting rifles in calibers I didn’t want to buy ammunition for.

There were a bunch of Ruger Mini-14’s available but they averaged around $800.  That’s way too much for one of those and I say that as an owner.  Even the pump shotguns were priced outrageously.  The only semi-auto shotgun I saw was over $1,100.

The only gun I saw that I actually considered purchasing was a 9mm Hi-Point Carbine.  And that was only because it was one of the strangest weapons there.  It was also I think the only gun that was priced under $300.  But unusual design was not enough to merit a purchase.

Moving away from the firearms I looked at some of the ammunition that was for sale.  Most of the boxes appeared to be 30 years old with faded labels and visible layers of dust.  I’m not sure where these people dug this stuff up, but I wasn’t about to purchase any of it.

There were a great deal of accessories available.  There was everything from AR parts to survival gear.  I almost bought a mid length quad rail handguard for my AR15 but it was priced too high.  I guess I’ve been spoiled by the internet because I’m always judging prices based on what I’ve found online.  I’m sure almost everyone at the show would’ve negotiated prices but I’m not into haggling so I just kept walking.

Overall it seemed like a decent setup and if you had lots of money to blow, this would’ve been the place.  But I didn’t, so the $14 I spent for my fiance and I to get in the doors was wasted.

But now I’m going to go eat my pizza and try to forget about it all.  Tonight I’ll work on assembling my new crossbow . . .

Over the weekend I decided to do some shooting and try to record some of it.  Until now I had no videos of me shooting my guns at all.  I figured I would take this time to try my hand at a series of videos on Youtube.  The video is posted and you can watch it over HERE if you are interested.  It’s less than 6 minutes long and if you skip the parts where I’m talking it’s probably only about 2.

If you don’t want to watch the video you can just keep reading.

Aaron left his Mini-14 with me when he went back for the semester because it wasn’t working correctly.  The gas block had become lose and the bushing had fallen out into the stock itself.  It took me all of about 5 minutes to fix it and I took it with me to the range, along with my rifles, to test fire it.

I shot 40 rounds (2 magazines) through it and it functioned beautifully.  It did feel like it had more kick than my Mini but I think that might just be because his stock is much lighter than my Strikeforce stock.  I had less trouble keeping my rifle on target while shooting at a decent pace.  His was bouncing a lot.  His however does have better iron sights which made initial target acquisition a little faster.

The AR15 worked like a champ as always.  I put a couple magazines of .223 through it before dropping in the CMMG conversion kit and unloading 100 rounds (4 magazines) of 22lr.  You should definitely watch the video, even if only to see the conversion kit in action.  Its one thing for me to write about it a bunch, but seeing how this thing shoots is pretty neat.  The only thing better I guess would be actually shooting it yourself.

I met some nice people at the range; a few were even from my area.  The guy who was set up beside me had a virtual armory.  He had around 4 or 5 pistols, I think 2 rifles, and a shotgun or two.  He was a little bit reckless with his shooting but he was fun to watch.  We talked a bit and he even let me shoot his Remington Versa Max shotgun.  That thing was awesome.  It held 9 shells and fired as fast as you could pull the trigger.  He demonstrates this in the last segment of my video.  If I ever win the lottery, I’m getting one.

I don’t really have much to add beyond that.  I didn’t track my groups or anything like that this time.  I was mostly focused on getting decent videos and having fun.  Subscribe if you like my blog and I hope everyone has a good week.


Aaron decided to leave his chinese “Type 56” SKS rifle with me while he goes back to school for the rest of the semester.  In a previous post I mentioned that we didn’t shoot it because the barrel was extremely rusty inside and I wasn’t sure it was safe.

After looking a little more and a thurough cleaning, all the “rust” came off. I think looking back that what I thought was rust was in fact just powder deposits left from a previous series of shots that was never cleaned out.  The barrel cleaned up easier than my AR does and now it shines like new.  I wouldn’t hesitate to shoot this thing now.

According to the serial numbers and the information I found, this rifle was manufactured in 1974, making it just under 40 years old.  For the condition it’s in I wouldn’t have guessed it was that old.  My Mini-14 is about 10 years younger and it didn’t look quite this good when I first bought it.

This thing is beautiful and I can’t wait for him to come back home so we can shoot it.  I’ve never shot anything that fired 7.62 ammo and I’ve always been curious about it.  The Tula brand ammunition is exatcly the same cost as my .223 ammo so it wouldn’t be any more expensive than my Mini-14 or my AR15.  When we do finally get around to shooting it ill get a video of it up on my YouTube page.

In keeping with my decision to post every day I thought I would put up a little bit about what went on this afternoon.  My friend Aaron came back home for Thanksgiving and we decided to do some shooting.  He was given a few guns when his dad passed away earlier this year and he brought those along to shoot.

I brought all my guns.  My Mini-14, AR15, SR22, and Sig Sauer 1911-22.  He came with an M1 Carbine, and SKS, a Mini-14, a 357 revolver, and a 380 compact pistol.  We looked over all the guns he brought to make sure they were safe before shooting them but the SKS didn’t pass my inspection.  There was a considerable amount of rust on both the inside and outside of the barrel.  In addition there seemed to be a large chunk broken from the inside of the barrel.  I was disappointed because I was really wanting to shoot that thing.  It was a very cool looking rifle.  All the other guns checked out fine.

The pistols were all fun aside from his 380 compact.  The trigger pull was horrible and after firing the 5 round magazine it made our fingers extremely sore.  The revolver was fun but kicked way too hard for me.  It was a “hand cannon” according to Aaron.  It was still fun to shoot and I would gladly have spent some more time with it.

Very shortly into shooting his Mini-14 we noticed a problem.  One that I was very familiar with.  In the gas block on these rifles there is a “gas bushing” that is pretty much required if you want to rifle to function as a semi-auto.  If it isn’t secured in place the gas from each shot is not properly channeled back to the bolt.  Mine was missing from the day I bought my rifle until I fixed it.  Aaron’s at least was rattling around inside the gas chamber.  We were forced to shoot it as a single shot.  I’m going to fix it for him in the next few days.

The M1 carbine was pretty neat.  I watched him shoot it a bunch and even posted a few videos of it over on YouTube at the bottom of this post.  The only problem it seemed to have was feeding the rounds into the chamber.  After the first 4 shots or so it would start working fine however.  Toward the end Aaron decided to run a few magazines through my Mini-14 since he had plenty of ammo and his wasn’t working well enough.  A video of him rapid firing it is also posted on Youtube at the bottom of this page.


All in all we had a great time.  We both got to shoot some guns that we’d never shot before.  And as always it was just good to hang out again since we don’t get many chances anymore.  I might post a few more detailed reviews related to the individual guns we shot but for now this is all.  Check back later!

A few posts ago I mentioned that my dad and I were going shooting at West Side shooting range in West Va.  I’ve been meaning to post about the trip but I’m still fighting off whatever sickness this is.  I’ll be going to the doctor as soon as I get my company insurance activated.

Anyways, we went and we had a good time.  We were worried on the drive over there because our side (the Virginia side) of the mountain was being hammered with rain.  It was a mess and I was glad that Dad was driving.  I hate driving in the rain, especially on a mountain.  When we got to the range however, it wasn’t raining.  We were very relieved.

Dad hadn’t been to the range in many years.  Said his last visit was when he turned 18.  That was over 30 years ago.  He was impressed that it was still up and being maintained.  He wasn’t thrilled about the amount of people who were there and was very unhappy that we had to wait for everyone to shoot before we could go downrange to set up our targets.  I knew what to expect coming in since Ryan and I had gone the weekend before.  The waiting between shots didn’t bother me this time any more than it did the first time.  I guess I’m just odd considering Ryan and Dad were both on the same page.

Dad brought his 270 to sight it in.  The entire trip was based on the fact that he wanted to “zero the rifle at more than 75 yards” for when he goes hunting this November. I think during the hour we were there he shot less than ten times.  I shot 65 rounds through my AR15 (60 .22lr and 5 .223 PPU).  With my SR22 pistol I shot 40 rounds.

Dad made a few minor adjustments, but only enough to make sure his shots were consistently hitting the paper at 100 yards.  He said “if I can hit that at 100 yards it’s good enough for me”.  None of his shots hit within the center 2 rings and only 3 were in the 3rd ring.  I wouldn’t have been satisfied with that, but it’s his rifle and he’s the one hunting with it.  I did fairly well but I wasn’t able to keep track of my shots with the detail I wanted.  My dad would’ve thought it’s stupid to track every shot, just as Ryan does.  So I just avoided it all together.

All in all it was a decent trip.  I personally wouldn’t have made the 45 minute drive (one way) just to shoot my rifle 10 times. I understand .270 cartridges are expensive, but if your going to shoot, shoot.  I wish we had stayed longer but I knew my dad wanted to get out of there so I cut it short so he didn’t have to sit there and watch me shoot.  I was just happy that he wanted to go shooting with me at all.