Hello once again!  As promised I’ve updated the rifle calibers (.223/5.56, 7mm Rem Mag, 7.62×39, 7.62×54, and 22lr) over on my Ammo Availability page to show a current list of what’s available around the web.  I was surprised to see that almost every website had an increase in stock levels.  The only caliber that has yet to see much of an increase is 22lr.

On a related note I’m moving into the apartment tomorrow; If all goes well with unpacking and furniture moving I should have the pistol calibers updated as well.  Of course that is dependent on Comcast showing up to hook up my TV and internet service . . .

To celebrate, lets all sit back and watch some of Russia’s most historic people battle it out in another Epic Rap Battle of History!

  1. tom says:

    there is price fixing going on no doubt with 22lr it is aganst the law you can see it just bought 1500 rounds for 140$ the same ammo that gunbot and ammo seek want 20$ for fifty price fixing

    • You’re absolutely right, it sure seems like some price gouging is going on. There’s no reason that 22lr ammo, even in situations like this, should ever exceed $0.25 a round. Yes, it’s supply and demand to an extent, but the only reason it has gotten this bad is because businesses are being greedy and customers are willing to pay for it. Thanks for your comment.

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