Urban Survival Day 58 – Stop Hydroplaning

Posted: April 21, 2013 in Survival/Self Defense
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As I mentioned yesterday I went bowling with some high school friends.  We were out all evening and I didn’t get a chance to do the survival update.  But I’ve got time today so here you go:

58)  Stop Hydroplaning

Hydroplaning can be just as dangerous as driving over ice.  Your tires lose grip with the road and you lose control of your vehicle.  “The tire essentially floats on a layer of water”.  Here are a few things recommended in the Urban Survival Guide:

Read The Clues – “When hydroplaning, the engine’s RPM sharply rises” because the wheels begin turning faster and faster with no traction.  This is one of the first things I notice when my car starts to hydroplane.  Some vehicles don’t have an RPM gauge so you may only be able to notice the change by the sound your engine makes.

Ease Up – The best thing you can do to prevent and stop hydroplaning is slow down.  Simply take your foot off the accelerator and ride it out.  Don’t slam on the brakes and don’t turn the wheel.  Both of those actions could result is further loss of control.  Slowing down should allow your tires to penetrate the water and help you regain traction.


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