Urban Survival Days 54 and 55 – Emergency Driving

Posted: April 16, 2013 in Survival/Self Defense
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I’ve decided to combine these two tips into one because they’re so short.  As a result, there will be no survival post tomorrow.  The good news however is that after tonight we’ll be halfway through our list of 111 survival tips/strategies.  Only 56 remain!

54)  Steer With Blown Tires

When a tire suddenly goes flat or blows out, “fight the urge to overcorrect or to slam on the brakes”.  Doing so could cause the vehicle to skid and compound your problems.

Instead of panicking, “hold the steering wheel firmly”.  Slowly back off the accelerator and turn on your signal while you attempt to maneuver toward the shoulder.  When you’re safely off the road, turn on your emergency (also called hazard or 4-way) lights to warn those approaching your vehicle.

55)  Deal With Brake Failure

Brakes are essential to the safe operation of any vehicle.  Suddenly losing them while driving is not an easy thing to prepare for but here are some things to remember.

Don’t turn off the vehicle or remove the keys – While shutting off your vehicle would be a good thing to do if the throttle was stuck, turning off the vehicle will cause the power steering to stop working as well.  Driving with no power steering is a workout to say the least.  Also, removing the keys from the ignition will lock the steering column in most vehicles, making it impossible for you to steer your way to safety.  Never remove the keys while the vehicle is in motion.

Slow down – Keep your foot off the accelerator and try to manage turns and traffic the best you can.  If possible, shift to a lower gear.  Lower gears will help slow your vehicle greatly and even vehicles with automatic transmissions are capable of doing this.  Apply the emergency brake very slowly; applying it quickly can cause you to lock the wheels up and lose control of the vehicle all together.

This post is a combination of my own knowledge and experience as well as information provided in the book Urban Survival Guide by Rich Johnson.


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