I’m subscribed to Gun Nuts and I have even linked to a story or two they’ve written in the past I think.  I even like the author, Gabby.  She has written some good articles on both Gun Nuts and her own blog, Armed Candy. Unfortunately I have to disagree with her on today’s post. Here’s the opening paragraph:

“I will begin by saying that I have never found any excitement or enjoyment in video games. Therefore, it would not change my life, in the slightest, if every game were to suddenly self-destruct. But since some people seem to appreciate playing these games, I will attempt to avoid offending those delicate sensibilities.”

First of all, having never enjoyed a video game, I feel that Gabby may be a little biased; I can forgive that part.  But the logic that video games cause violence because some people can’t tell the difference between a game and reality feels misguided. That’s like saying someone who doesn’t understand coffee is served hot is a victim when it burns them. We no longer blame the individual if there’s an organization or industry we can pin it on instead.  It seems that everyone is always looking for an excuse.

Sometimes mental health issues are not caused by corporations, objects we own, or actions around us. Blaming video games is easy, but why not look at the individuals? We all have the capacity to understand right and wrong. Sometimes people are just evil or severely impaired.  If 99% of all gamers are good people, can we blame the video games?  Condoms are 99% effective as well, but sometimes that 1% somehow manages to get the spotlight.  Should we regulate condoms as well?

I don’t like that gun violence occurs at all. I hate it. I lock my guns up and follow strict safety precautions every time I handle a firearm. I don’t want anyone to die from a mistake on my end, especially myself. However, I don’t expect the government to regulate my firearms for me. Just like I don’t want them regulating my video games. I’m a responsible person. If they begin to control one, they’ll come for the others. Restrict video game makers’ 1st amendment rights and they’ll follow suit with ours. Maybe gun-blogging will be regulated next?

Or, maybe they’ll just go straight for the 2nd amendment. Oh wait . . . They’re already doing that. We’re fighting a daily struggle to keep our right to bear arms in this country. As a gun owner and blogger I understand the 2nd amendment fight. I don’t see why any group of people should have to fight to keep the rights they’ve already been given. Rights that our forefathers fought and died for.

This used to be the land of the free but now its only free if you jump through all the hoops. Its only free if your actions offend absolutely nobody. At what point do we drop the word “free” from that phrase? Its time to end the invasive, regulatory government that we’ve allowed to come into existence. We need fewer new laws and more enforcement of existing laws. Enforce the video game rating system better if need be, but don’t restrict what can go into a video game. Don’t restrict our creativity and inventiveness.

Maybe I seem irrational or “bitter” as I’ve been called in the past. That’s fine. I have an opinion and I’m fighting for it just like my fellow gun-bloggers, Gabby included, do every day. If, however, you agree with me, let me know in the comments. Of course you’re allowed to disagree as well. Ill listen to your thoughts and opinions. Everyone has the right to express them and I won’t stop you. I’m interested to read what everyone has to say.

**  Gabby, if you’ve somehow managed to find your way to my side of the blogosphere and read my post, please don’t take my comments personally.  I enjoy what you do, have great respect for you, and consider us on the same side (as far as guns are concerned).  I just have a strong affection for video games and will fight for them as long as I can.  **

  1. Shawn West says:

    Having just ended a two day long SimCity 3000 binge I would say I don’t feel any less or more violence prone than before I started. While I wouldn’t mind avenging myself against the UFO swarm that destroyed my City Hall I just have to accept the fact that these kinds of things happen.

    • I understand completely. Last time I played Civilization 5 I wanted to rebel against and destroy the Aztecs for spying on me repeatedly. Sometimes though you’ve gotta step back, accept what has happened, and move on. Oh and I too am no more violent having rallied an empire against my foes for several hundred turns. Ill get up and go to work with a smile on my face, like I always do.

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