Urban Survival Day 53 – Smother a Fire

Posted: April 15, 2013 in Survival/Self Defense
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This is the last of the fire safety tips I promise.  Its a really short one too.  After this we move into some vehicle safety tips that I think will be pretty interesting.  In the next week or so we should be getting into some of the more exciting tips.

53)  Smother a Fire

“Fires need three things to thrive: heat, air, and fuel”.  If you are able to remove any one of these items, the fire will go out.  One of the quickest way to extinguish a small fire is to smother it and remove the air flow.

To do this effectively you need a heavy blanket or coat that is large enough to cover the whole fire.  If its too big to cover don’t waste time trying to fight it, just get out.  If its a small fire however, take your blanket or coat and throw it over the fire.

Immediately follow that by pressing down forcefully.  If you leave your blanket or coat just lightly on top of the fire it will only help feed it.  Pressing down hard will force the air out and prevent the fire from growing.

This post is a combination of my own knowledge and opinions, as well as information found in the book Urban Survival Guide by Rich Johnson.  Never attempt to fight a fire unless you’re certain it can be safely stopped.  Whenever possible you should get your family to safety and then immediately call 911.  Let the professionals do their job.

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