Urban Survival Day 48 – Prevent Home Electrical Fires

Posted: April 10, 2013 in Survival/Self Defense
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By the time we finish this series of fire-based tips, we’ll all be sick of this.  So far we’ve covered two, smoke detectors and making your home “fire-safe”.  The rest of the series will include today’s, electrical fires, as well as 5 more.  If I can find a way to combine a few of the upcoming ones I will.

48)  Prevent Home Electrical Fires

Inside the walls of our homes are lots of different wires and cables.  This is what keeps your home well lit and helps it function efficiently.  Unfortunately these things can also destroy your home if you aren’t careful.

Watch The Lights:  “If lights are flickering on and off, or if they make noise or give off a smoky odor, you’ve probably got faulty wiring”.  You should have this checked out as soon as possible to avoid electrical fires.  Find a licensed electrician and have them check the wiring in your home.

Visit Your Fuse Box:  You should be very familiar with your fuse box’s location as well as its function.  If the lights cut off all of a sudden and you have to reset the breaker, you’ll want to know where it is.  While you’re familiarizing yourself with it, make sure there aren’t any terminals with multiple wires going into them.  Also, check for corrosion and ensure all the insulation around any wires is in good shape.  If not, either fix it or hire an electrician.

Pick The Right Plugs:  When possible, use electrical plugs that are grounded.  Grounded plugs and sockets have 3 prongs and are safer than those with only 2.  “If your home doesn’t have grounded outlets, have an electrician install them”.

Check For Pests:  Rodents, like mice and rats, love to chew on things, especially wires and cables.  While they might not chew entirely through a wire (though they could) they may very well remove the insulation, exposing the wire inside.  This can lead to sparks or other problems that may lead to a fire.

Always be careful when working with electricity.  Alternating current can be extremely dangerous so if you’re not trained or very well informed, don’t try to fix any electrical issues by yourself.  Waiting for an electrician to come and check things out is far better than putting your life in danger.

This post is a combination of my own opinions and information that was provided in the book, Urban Survival Guide by Rich Johnson.  Never trust anything you read online without doing your own research.  I try to provide unbiased opinions and information that is as correct as possible but I can’t promise anything I write is safe or even correct.  Its your life so always be careful and don’t take anything for granted.


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