Urban Survival Day 45 – Soak Up Poison

Posted: April 7, 2013 in Survival/Self Defense
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Today’s tip is the third poison related post so far.  The first was about common household poisons and the second was about how to save someone who has been poisoned.  Poison is a serious concern and everyone should know what to do if someone became poisoned, especially during a disaster or other emergency.

45)  Soak Up Poison

We’ve pretty well developed a pill for just about everything now days.  If you have chronic back pain, take this pill.  Can’t get it up anymore, take this pill.  Most of them have more side affects that are worse than what you’re curing but hey, there are pills for those too . . .

“Wouldn’t it be swell if there were a simple pill to take after accidentally ingesting a common poison”?  There isn’t really anything that covers all the different types of poison, but in some cases, using “activated charcoal” may do the trick.  According to both the book and Wikipedia, activated charcoal works by binding to the poison in your digestive system in order to help prevent your body from absorbing it.

While it shouldn’t be used in every case (check with your local poison control first to understand more about what it works for) it certainly is something you should consider having in your home.  You can find it at most pharmacies and in some medical kits.

As always, never take my advice as being medical fact.  Always do what you can to contact poison control or other emergency workers if possible.  This post is simply a combination of my own knowledge and opinions and the information found in the book, Urban Survival Guide, by Rich Johnson.


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