Urban Survival Day 44 – Save a Poisoning Victim

Posted: April 6, 2013 in Survival/Self Defense
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Today’s tip goes together with yesterday’s tip about common household poisons.  There are a lot of different types of poison in our homes and knowing how to save someone from them is just as important as knowing what they are.

44)  Save a Poisoning Victim

Not all poisons require the same treatment.  In fact, what might help one victim may actually harm another depending on what they’ve ingested.  In every case of poisoning “its vital to find out what the toxin is and seek help.

Step One:  “Make sure the victim is breathing”.  If not, call 911 immediately.  Its extremely important to get emergency workers on the scene as quickly as possible.

Step Two:  “Check for any remaining poisonous substance in the victim’s mouth”.  If you find any traces of the poison, make sure to get it out any way you can.

Step Three:  If the victim isn’t breathing and you know how to use CPR, begin “rescue breathing” until they either: 1) begin breathing on their own again.  2) emergency workers arrive who can take over for you.

Step Four:  If you can determine what item caused the problems, try to find its container.  Most packages have a warning label somewhere on them with instructions for what to do in case the product is accidentally ingested.  If you can’t find the product, call poison control and ask them what to do.  Never ingest vomiting unless the instructions or poison control advises you to do so.

Step Five:  If the victim is taken to the hospital or emergency room, make sure you take a sample of the product or the container it came in as well.  Knowing exactly what the victim is suffering from will allow them to start treatment immediately.

This post is a combination of  my own opinions and knowledge and information that is provided in, Urban Survival Guide, by Rich Johnson.  In case of an emergency, always contact medical professionals if possible.

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