Urban Survival Day 42 – Lose a Tail

Posted: April 5, 2013 in Survival/Self Defense
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Have you ever been driving along and then thought to yourself, “why is that car still behind me”?  Does it bother you when a car follows you for a long period of time, making all the same turns that you make?  Or do you not care one way or the other?

42)  Lose a Tail

If you see someone following you for a long period of time, it could just be a coincidence.  But it could also be someone following you, seeing where you’re headed.  The book, Urban Survival Guide by Rich Johnson, has a few things you can do to spot potential threats and then how to evade them.

Know The Scene:  “Most drivers tail you from your home or office”.  They know where you live and work, and these are the best locations for them to find you.  Take notice of the cars around you when you’re at home and at work.  If you see any unfamiliar vehicles when you leave, watch to see if they leave at the same time as you.

Drive As If You’re Lost:  If you live in a city, its fairly easy to discover whether or not someone is following you.  Simply circle the block.  “Someone might take one or two [turns] with you, but the chances that someone else is driving in exactly the same square are pretty small”.

Mix It Up:  If you can do so safely, change lanes frequently and adjust your speed now and then.  If someone is following you, they will most likely match these changes.

Make A Beeline:  If you’ve tried the above ideas and there is still someone following you, drive “directly to a public place – ideally, a police station”.  If you can’t shake them, make sure you’re in an area that’s full of witnesses.  If those witnesses happen to be wearing police uniforms, all the better.

Keep Cool:  Stay alert.  You’re initial thought may be to “floor it” but hold off on that.  Drive calmly and make sure you avoid areas where you could be trapped.  Avoid side streets and any with dead ends.  Panicking will only reduce your awareness.

Find A Safe Spot:  You may think its a good idea to go straight home or to the office, but just in case your follower doesn’t already know these locations, its better to not lead them there.  Find a place that is safe where you don’t frequently go.

There are many reasons someone may follow you.  Many couples hire private detectives to follow their significant others to make sure they’re being faithful.  Some employers may even have you followed if they think you’re doing something they don’t approve of (this probably only applies in really high profile jobs).  Other people may follow you in order to harm you, so always be alert when you’re out and about.

Have you ever been followed?  Or, have you ever followed someone else?  How did you handle the situation?  Feel free to share in the comments below!

**  This posted late because I attempted to use the “schedule” option under publish.  It did not post at the specified time and I had to repost it manually once I found out.  If anyone knows why this happened, please let me know. **


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