Urban Survival Day 41 – Learn If Your Home Is Bugged

Posted: April 3, 2013 in Survival/Self Defense
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41)  Learn If Your Home Is Bugged

Nobody likes to be spied on or have someone listen in on what they say or do.  We like to come home and assume our castle is a sanctuary where we are protected and completely safe.  This isn’t always the case unfortunately.  If you’re ever in a situation where you think someone has been listening in on you, you may need to check your home for “bugs”.  Here’s a few suggestion the Urban Survival Guide gives us:

  • Check The Walls:  Check behind things like pictures, mirrors, or furniture, as well as inside any air ducts.  Look for small cameras or microphones.
  • Look Down:  Check your floors and carpets for “inconsistencies” such as unusual shape, placement, or discoloration that might indicate someone has messed with it.
  • Feel Your Way:  You can’t see every side of the things in your home without moving everything around.  Using your hands you can feel behind larger furniture for anything that seems out of place.
  • Prick Up Your Ears:  “Listen for changes in volume during phone conversations, or unexplained static in radio or television broadcasts”.  Wireless transmitters can disturb the signal from these things.

While most of us will never have to deal with counter-intelligence work like this, its a good thing to understand.  Of course, the above things to look for don’t mean 100% that you’ve been bugged.  For example, my television (not my HD TV) often experiences “unexplained static” but I highly doubt I’m being spied upon; that’s just the nature of TV’s that use antennas.  But you never know . . .

Have you ever been bugged?  A friend of mine says he has been.  One of his “friends” was hiding an audio recorder under couch cushions now and then to catch anyone saying negative things about him.  If you have a similar story or a tip for catching spies, please leave a comment below and share with us.


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