Urban Survival Day 37 – Make a DIY Alarm

Posted: March 30, 2013 in Survival/Self Defense
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Finally finished the second season of Game of Thrones tonight and I am eagerly awaiting the start of season three tomorrow.  Such an interesting show with so many characters.  Its one of my favorite shows by far.  Its certainly a good escape from real world problems (economy, earthquakes, drought, North Korea, etc).  Moving on . . .

37)  Make a DIY Alarm

“Burglars want to enter silently, burgle quietly, and then leave without a sound”.  Don’t give them that ability.  Home security systems are pretty expensive, but that shouldn’t stop you from securing your home.  After all, Kevin was left home alone and still managed to defend against two determined, albeit stupid, burglars.  Here are some things the book suggests you do in order to secure your home:

  • Protect Outside:  Before a criminal reaches your door (or other entrance) they must first cross your yard or driveway.  We always picture really old castles as having moats to provide one last line of defense should the attackers make it to the walls.  Well, consider the yard your castle’s moat.  You want a criminal to be turned away before they even reach your doorstep.
    • Use Motion Sensors:  These sensors are most often used to turn on lights, but with a little work you could have them turn on sprinklers at the same time.  Having light illuminate them as they cross your yard will be frightening enough, but covering them in water will make it even worse!
  • Warn Inside:  If a criminal crosses your moat, be sure that your doors are barred and secure!  Locking your doors is always step one to securing your home, but you can do even more than that.  Add bells or wind chimes to the interiors of your doors so that any time they move you’ll be alerted with a sound that’s easy to hear.  You can always add them to your windows as well
  • Squeak And Creak:  Many homes come pre-built with alarms of their own.  You know what your home sounds like better than anyone (assuming nobody else has lived there longer than you) and you can use that to your advantage.  “Don’t repair squeaky floorboards or oil your door hinges”.  If you know that when someone walks across the living room floor it squeaks really loudly, that’s something you can use to your advantage.  “The best part?  [It] wont cost you a dime”.

There are many other things you can do to secure your home as well.  Friends of ours have fake cameras mounted around their home to help deter criminals.  Others, like us, have dogs.  Man’s best friend is one of the best deterrents you can have.  What are some other things you can do?  Do you have any secrets to home security that you’d like to share?


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