Urban Survival Day 35 – Wield a Tactical Flashlight

Posted: March 28, 2013 in Survival/Self Defense
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This post will finally catch me up once again.  I will be able to go back to just one survival update a day.  Sorry again for the irregular posting schedule over the past week, as I’ve said, things have been crazy.

35)  Wield a Tactical Flashlight

I reviewed a flashlight that we use at work all the time and I think this is a good time to reiterate some of the points I made.  Flashlights are useful for a lot of things besides just vanquishing the darkness.  When used in defensive scenarios, a flashlight can be used to blind an attacker long enough to counter their attack or flee.  The book gives us two reasons you should use a tactical flashlight:

Shine A Light:  “Grip the flashlight with your thumb on the switch button.  Raise your fist and switch on the light, aiming directly into your assailant’s eyes.  That should temporarily blind [him or her].”

Deliver A Smackdown:  “The second weapon is the flashlight’s sharply scalloped front edge.  Bring it down repeatedly with hammer blows on your attacker’s nose and eyes.”

“Tactical” flashlights can be found just about everywhere now.  The NEBO flashlights that we use at work come from our local NAPA Auto Parts store.  They’re strong, reliable, and have a variety of uses.  Tactical flashlights, like the Redline lights from NEBO, often have “strobe” modes that rapidly cycle the light on and off.  These modes are particularly useful for blinding an attacker.  Use their temporary blindness to close some distance and hit them hard with the jagged edge of the light.

This post is a combination of my own opinions and information that was provided in the book, Urban Survival Guide, by Rich Johnson.  Use this information at your own risk.  Always avoid confrontation when possible and only fight back if you have no other options.  You can replace your valuables but not your life.

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