Pistol Ammo Update – 3/28/13

Posted: March 28, 2013 in .40 S&W, .45ACP, .50AE, 9mm, Ammunition
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There are only a few days left in March so I thought I would do another ammo update.  Spring is officially here and its getting warm outside.  With that comes more opportunities to go out and shoot so make sure you get some ammo while you can if you haven’t already.

Here’s what was available as of 10:00pm on Thursday, March 28th, 2013:

Able Ammo – Magnum Research ammo

Able Ammo – 7 options
Ammo.net – 18 options
Ammo For Sale – 20 options
Bulk Ammo – 21 options
Cheaper Than Dirt – 12 options
GunBot – Many options
J & G Sales – 3 options
Lucky Gunner – 21 options
Sportsmans Guide – 2 options
Surplus Ammo – 4 options
Ventura Munitions – 16 options

.40 S&W
Able Ammo – 8 options
Ammo.net – 2 options
Ammo For Sale – 2 options
Bulk Ammo – Speer Gold Dot
Cheaper Than Dirt – 5 options
GunBot – Many options
J & G Sales – 2 options
Lucky Gunner – 2 options
Sportsmans Guide – 2 options
Surplus Ammo – 4 options
Ventura Munitions – 11 options

Able Ammo – 10 options
Cheaper Than Dirt – 5 options
GunBot – Many options
Surplus Ammo – 6 options
Ventura Munitions – Lehigh Defense ammo

Its clear that 9mm has taken a hit since my last update just 5 days ago.  Everything else seems to have remained about the same.  Prices are still high, but there’s nothing we can do about that but grit our teeth and move on.  The days of cheap ammo may well be dead and buried.

  1. Stan says:

    ‘What’s available today’ is not actually so interesting just because availability changes every minute. Could you please focus more on analytics, like, what is the tendency, what to expect, what is changing/not changing…

    • Not really, Stan. I can’t say “what to expect” because I’m not educated enough on business and speculation to provide accurate guesses. And availability seems to be changing completely at random sometimes because of the media, fear, and other factors. Besides, a lot of work already goes into the updates just finding out what’s available “today”. I do this in my dwindling spare time and I would still have to see whats available each day to provide analytic information. Though if someone went through each of my updates over the past few weeks the information could easily be found I’m sure.

      Not trying to say it can’t be done, because I’m sure it could be. However, I don’t think I would be able to provide accurate enough information to even attempt what you’re suggesting.

      Of course if someone would like to do something like that, write up a post and email it to me. Maybe I could make that person a guest blogger now and then because I’m sure my readers would be interested in that kind of information.

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