Urban Survival Day 33 – Conceal a Weapon

Posted: March 27, 2013 in Survival/Self Defense
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As I mentioned in my last survival post I’ve fallen behind on these.  To catch up I am posting twice tonight and twice tomorrow night.  Then I’ll be good again until time slips out of my grasp yet again.  Thanks for understanding as always.

33)  Conceal a Weapon

“When choosing a weapon for concealed carry, remember that smaller is easier”.  This is the one situation where you’ll hear a woman say smaller is better (its a joke . . . you know, ha ha?).  All jokes aside, smaller really is better.  Having a weapon that can’t be concealed kinda defeats the purpose anyway right?  And you wouldn’t want it to come busting out in public and frighten people when you’re only goal is to protect yourself and others.  Here’s two tips the book suggest you abide by at all times when carrying concealed:

Keep It On Your Hip:  There are hundreds of options for holsters out there.  You can get them for your belt, your back, your shoulder, and even places like your thigh or ankle.  These are great in some situations but surely not all.  If you have to remove your jacket, that shoulder holster may no longer be concealed.  Keeping your weapon on your hip makes it easier to keep hidden at all times (though its not always as simple as that).

Stash It:  Do you carry a briefcase to work every day?  Maybe a purse?  These are great places to stash a weapon that you wish to keep out of sight.  The disadvantage to carrying your weapon like this is that it wont be as easy to access in an emergency.  But, some situations don’t offer you many other options and having a weapon close by is better than not having one at all when you need to defend yourself.

I would suggest practicing both methods.  Make sure you’re capable of carrying your weapon on your body as well as in a briefcase or purse.  After practicing both you’ll become more comfortable with what you’re capable of.  Maybe having a pistol in your purse is perfect for you.  Or maybe you don’t have the coordination to quickly open that briefcase and pull out your weapon.  You wont know until you try.

What else can we think of?  What other tips are there?  Any advice you would like to share to help other readers avoid mistakes that you’ve already made?  Let us know in the comments below.  And please, if you would, take a second to vote in this weeks poll (over on the left side of the page) if you haven’t already.  It only takes a second or two and I would greatly appreciate it.  Maybe Ill return the favor with another ammo update tomorrow . . .

  1. Brian says:

    I live in Illinois and as all know we have no C&C, yet. With this said I have carried a G23 when traveling and I have never worried about Illinois’s lack of a concealment law. I am not a criminal(though Illinois law makers may differ) and have no record or have not been stopped in 15 years. The key here is concealment and even if I was stopped odds are I would never be searched.
    The problem in many states is the second someone can tell you have a gun tucked under your shirt, you are breaking the law because it is no longer properly concealed. Regardless of how you do it, do it well and practice getting that gun safely in and out of your holster. If you are new to carrying, never practice with a loaded weapon!

    • I’m lucky to live in VA and stories like this remind me why. We are free to open carry, as well as concealed carry so long as we have a permit. I agree that you should get practice before you carry in public. Its a serious thing and deserves serious commitment. Thanks for your comment.

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