Its been almost two weeks since my last set of videos so I thought I should go ahead and do another.  These are just videos that I think are interesting or informative.  If you see anything in particular you want to mention or talk about, leave a comment below.  This week’s list covers home defense ammo, the Constitution, tactical training, and 3D guns.  Enjoy.

Shotgun Ammo for Home Defense

There are a lot of people who argue against using bird shot in your home defense shotgun, but here’s a guy on the other side.  He attempts to debunk the myths that surround using bird shot for self defense.  He sounds pretty convincing.  This video came to me from The Survival Place Blog.


The Constitution Did Not Guarantee Public Safety

Over at Gunmart they posted this video and I wanted to share it with you in case you missed it.  The guy in the video is very angry and he has a right to be.  He brings up good points while he’s speaking out against proposed gun control laws.


 World’s Greatest Tactical Instructor

This is another video that came to me from Gunmart.  This one is less serious however.  Watch it and have a laugh.  Its not the funniest thing out there but its a humorous gun-related video so I thought I would share.  My favorite part is the final reload.


 3D Printed Gun Documentary

Regardless of where you stand on the issue of printed guns and gun hardware, you have to admit its an interesting concept.  With the cost of 3D printers coming down all the time, its becoming possible for individual consumers to buy them.  Tie that in with the growing gun control agenda and you’ve got experimental printed guns.  Its a no brainer really.  We’ve come so far, technologically, in the past 100 years or so; Imagine what the next few decades may produce . . .

The trailer for this came to me from Tactical Gear and Military Clothing News but you can see the entire documentary below:


 Share your thoughts below.  I’m particularly interested in hearing everyone’s opinion about printed guns.  I myself am kinda on the fence with this one.  Its a cool idea and I would love to print myself a gun or two, but at the same time this makes it possible for anyone anywhere to produce firearm parts that are otherwise regulated.

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