Thermold 20 Round AR15 Magazines

Posted: March 21, 2013 in Accessories, Product Reviews
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I’ve been meaning to talk about these things since Christmas but I kept forgetting about it.  Today I came across them again over at The Sportsmans Guide and it triggered my memory.  Since The Guide has them back in stock once again, I’ll give a brief little review so you know whether or not you’d like to get any for yourself.

(2) 20-round AR15 magazines coupled together

While I haven’t put a considerable amount of ammunition through them, I can tell they are well built.  They’re quality magazines that haven’t failed to feed yet.  They’re easy to load and even work pretty well with stripper clips.  They come with couplers that hold two of them together.  Swapping mags becomes as simple as dropping the two down and sliding them either left or right to insert the second.

The magazines are lightweight and can actually fit in my front shirt pocket.  Even when coupled together they take up only slightly more room than a 30-round mag.  The difference being that when linked together these are wider than a 30-round mag is so they don’t fit in most magazine pouches.

Using two 20-round magazines gives you 40 round capacity for only a slight amount of extra work.  In addition, should 30-round mags ever get banned, these fall in with slightly lower capacity.  Doubt that would help considering they want us using only 5 or 6 rounds, but hey, smaller magazines are easier to hide . . .

Regardless of where you stand on the magazine ban-wagon, for $30 (less if you’re a member) you can get 120 rounds of magazine capacity.  That’s really hard to beat considering most 30-round mags are going for around $30 each!  This deal probably wont be available long, so grab them while you can.  I can assure you that you wont be disappointed.

Of course if you want to go big then you can always buy this instead . . .

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