Urban Survival Day 25 – Make a Serious Fist

Posted: March 18, 2013 in Survival/Self Defense
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I’ve only punched two people with the intention to hurt them in my whole life.  Both times were in middle school.  The first was when a good friend of mine kept pestering me over and over and over after I asked him to stop.  I jerked around, swung my arm, and ran the palm of my hand into the side of his face.  We both felt bad after.  The second time was when a bully (who later turned out to be a decent guy) shoved me into a locker.  I reacted quickly and angrily and punched his lower back.  He was unaffected and I looked like quite the fool.

Had I known how to make a proper fist, both of these situations could’ve ended much differently.

25)  Make a Serious Fist

“If you’re not careful, you can break your own thumb when you throw a punch”.  According to the book, “punching with your thumb tucked inside fingers is a no-no”.  You could break your thumb and end the fight in favor of your attacker.  The proper fist is formed with the thumb on the outside of a loose fist.  You should always try to “strike with the knuckles of your first two fingers”.  Below are three areas that you should aim for to inflict the most pain possible:

  • Adam’s Apple – Punching this area of the neck will knock the wind out of them and make it difficult to breath for a while.  Use this to your advantage and either end the fight or flee.
  • Underarm – The armpit is sensitive and successfully landing a blow there can “temporarily impair the entire arm”.
  • Nose – Landing a punch to the nose can cause bleeding, confusion, whiplash, and a really bad headache.  As a frequent nose bleed sufferer, I can assure you they are rather disabling.


There are other places you can go for as well, but always remember that your fingers are fragile.  Punching solid bone is likely to hurt you just as much (if not more) than your attacker.  Go for softer areas that can disable your victim quickly.  The kidneys and stomach are both good targets.  For more areas you can check out the the tip from day 22.

This post is a combination of my own opinions and the information provided in the book, Urban Survival Guide, by Rich Johnson.  This is not intended to prepare anyone for a fight.  Always avoid a fight if possible.  And be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any of the remaining survival tips!

  1. livetoseetomorrow says:

    your right bout that kidney shot nailed a guy at the foundry one time with a kidney shot dropped his ass immediately

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