Urban Survival Day 22 – Hit Where it Counts

Posted: March 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

I’ve known about various “pressure points” on the human body ever since middle school.  Using them on friends was always fun.  But the pressure points I knew about wouldn’t really do me much good in a fight.  For that, you need to know a bit more.

22)  Hit Where it Counts

There is a picture associated with this post that I, unfortunately, can’t provide using only my cell phone to post.  So you don’t get to see the little key and location of all the spots, but hopefully I can provide enough details to get you in the right area.

“If someone attacks you, fight back.  And don’t just flail around blindly – place your blows strategically for maximum impact”.  Knowing the vulnerable spots on the human body is extremely important for defensive fighting, but always remember to use no more force than required to subdue your attacker.  You wouldn’t want to intentionally beat to death someone who mearly shoved you.

Here are the areas that will be most effective in defensive fighting:

Excruciatingly Painful:
Back of the elbow
Sciatic Nerve (just above the tailbone in the center of the back)
Below the ear (right where the jaw connects)
Front of the shoulder joint
Bladder and abdominal wall

Could Cause Serious Injury:
Kidneys (on the left and right of your lower back)
Base of the neck (behind the collarbone)
Solar plexus (center of the chest)

Potentially Deadly:
Base of the skull (where it connects to your spine)
Back of the neck (again near your spine)
Corotid artery (side of the neck)
Trachea (base of the throat)

Should you need to defend yourself, hopefully the above information will come in handy.  Knowing which areas will cause how much pain is also crucial in managing your defensive strategy.  Do you simply need to injur your attacker, or is your life being threatened and you need to respond with deadly force?  Just like carrying a concealed firearm, you have to know where you draw the line between subduing and killing.

The information in this post is a combination of my own opinions/knowledge and that which is provided in the book Urban Survival Guide by Rich Johnson.  If you have the ability to avoid confrontation, do so.  Use the information above only as a last resort, and only if you’re being attacked or threatened.

  1. […] There are other places you can go for as well, but always remember that your fingers are fragile.  Punching solid bone is likely to hurt you just as much (if not more) than your attacker.  Go for softer areas that can disable your victim quickly.  The kidneys and stomach are both good targets.  For more areas you can check out the the tip from day 22. […]

  2. […]  But that is in fact the best reason to use them for self defense.  Punching someone in the face, or other vital area, is painful enough as it is.  I don’t know a whole lot about physics but I know that adding […]

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