Urban Survival Days 20 & 21 – Keychain Gear and Decoy Wallets

Posted: March 14, 2013 in Survival/Self Defense
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Yesterday was pretty hectic so I wasn’t able to get the survival update out.  In order to stay on track I am posting a combo pack today!  Besides, these two tips are pretty basic and not really worth entire posts themselves.  So here we go:

20)  Create a Survival Gear Keychain

“You never leave home without your keys.  So why not deck out your key ring with small survival basics so they’re always at the ready?”  For some people, adding this stuff will probably be easy.  But for others (like my fiance) they may already have hundreds of doodads and whatchamacallits banging against their steering column while driving down the road.  If you have some free space on your keychain however, here’s some things you can think about adding:

  • Small multi tool.  Something like what I mention over here would probably be perfect.  Keep in mind most quality multi tools are kinda heavy.
  • Fire starting items.  Finding a lighter with a keychain attachment is probably not as easy as getting a striker with one.  And besides, lighters run out of fluid but a piece of steel will not.
  • “A military-grade can opener is small, light, and efficient.”
  • Pepper spray.  You can find little cans of pepper spray at most gun shops now (at least in my area) and they’re pretty cheap.  Probably not a bad idea to get one of these.

Not sure why this book is so obsessed with can openers, but they seem to think you need one everywhere you go, even when there are no canned goods.  I know its good to have, but a flashlight isn’t even on this list.  Personally I use my flashlight a few times a week.  Can opener – maybe once or twice a month.  What would you/have you put on your keychain?

21)  Drop a Decoy Wallet

This tip may go along with how to foil a pickpocket as well.  Some criminals may not accept that you have no wallet when they attempt to rob you.  Perhaps they’ll just search your body while you lay there and bleed to death from a stab wound to make sure.  Being able to give them what they want while losing nothing is an awesome idea.  Here’s what I would make if I intended to use this tactic:

“They see me trollin’ . . . they hatin’ “

If you plan to use this strategy to avoid being robbed of all your cash, make sure you throw it and run.  Don’t give the thief time to check the wallet or they’ll just be angry and want the real wallet even more.  Some might even turn toward revenge and want to make you pay – with your life.  So just be careful.

The content in this post is a combination of my own personal opinions and the information provided by the book Urban Survival Guide by Rich Johnson.  This post is only to provide options that can be used to avoid being helpless.  Always do your best to avoid situations like those described above.  Do not rely on techniques or skills you’ve learned to keep you safe.


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