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There are some pretty good stories in this post about why we need to protect our right to protect ourselves.  Definitely worth a read.



Countless stories get buried in the news, so it’s somewhat understandable that some people just don’t understand why others are so vehement about their right to protect themselves.  Here is a quick list of recent situations where law abiding citizens have defended themselves or others simply by being armed.  In some cases they were even able to stop the criminals with less than lethal actions.

All of these victims I can assure you were not looking for  fight.  They were attacked by criminals seeking to do them harm and invade their homes, vehicles and workplaces. What’s worse is these law abiding citizens though justified and not being charged for their actions will have to live with this trauma for the rest of their lives.  Humans care when they take the life of another human no matter how justified, at least good and decent humans.

  • A convenience store clerk and an…

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