I haven’t been able to go video browsing as much this past week, but I did find a few.  Each of these videos are about separate topics, but they kinda go together.  In today’s lineup we see some competition shooting, home clearing, zombie prepping, and cops on camera.  Hope you enjoy:

Scott Folk at the 2013 S&W IDPA Indoor Nationals – This video came to me via Gun Nuts Media.  Its really interesting to see some of the courses they go through.  I really wish there was something like that locally that I could participate it.  Looks like it would be a really good way to practice several different skills at one time.


Police Say You’re on Your Own – “It’s 2013.  It’s The United States of America.  You lock your doors and hope nothing happens.”  That is of course, “unless you have a dog.”  Some of the responses from law enforcement officers in this video are just unbelievable.  They don’t want you to do anything to defend yourself it seems, but they also say you’re on your own.  So what are we supposed to do then?


When The Zombies Come – Thanks to Zombie-Thon for sharing this video.  Just another reason to get familiar with your local hardware store.  You can turn just about everything they sell into a weapon to fend off the zombie horde!  Definitely not a professional video or anything but it shows that people all over the country have zombies on the brain.


Low-Light Home Defense Tactics – This is a pretty cool video.  I can’t remember which of the blogs I follow brought this to my attention, but Its definitely worth checking out.  In this video you learn different techniques for securing your home at night using flashlights or weapon mounted lights.

  1. Tony says:

    …really liked the videos. They are very useful.


  2. rudeonline says:

    Hey, we really love your collection of videos. And thanks for linking to our blog!

    • nvchad2 says:

      Not a problem. I always try to give credit to the people who share things with me. I like the stuff y’all have over on your blog as well so keep it coming.

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