Urban Survival Day 15 – Fake A Sling

Posted: March 8, 2013 in Survival/Self Defense
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I feel that today’s tip should’ve been placed closer to day 10, Immobilize An Arm Injury, since it deals specifically with making a sling for a broken arm.  It only makes sense because the two go hand in hand.  I mean, they sure grouped all the Bug Out Bag stuff in the first few days, why couldn’t they group these as well?

15)  Fake A Sling

Just because you didn’t go into the wilderness prepared with a 3′ x 3′ piece of cloth, doesn’t mean you don’t have the items to make a sling.  According to the book, you can use almost anything to make a sling.  A belt, some rope, your shirt, or even your pants.  Here’s some descriptions of how to use the items mentioned:

  • A Belt/Rope – “Place a loop of rope or a
    belt loosely around the neck, slide the arm into it so that the wrist rests inside the loop, knot or cinch the rope or belt in place, and there you go”.
  • A Shirt – “Try unbuttoning a few buttons in the center of your shirt and putting your hand through the hole, or placing your hand under the strap of your backpack”.
  • A Pair of Pants – “Just use the crotch of the jeans to support the arm, and knot the legs behind the neck”.


I don’t think I personally would’ve considered using a pair of pants, especially if I was wearing them at the time.  I guess its a good idea though, and sounds simple enough.  I would probably go with the belt option first however.  What do you think?

The information contained in this post is a combination of my own opinion and information provided in the book Urban Survival Guide by Rich Johnson.  This is not intended to be used for medical instruction.  If you have an injury and are able, please refer to your doctor before conducting anything like this.  And as always, subscribe so you don’t miss the remaining tips!


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