Loaded or Unloaded – Part 2

Posted: March 7, 2013 in Guns, Uncategorized
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The other day I wrote a post asking whether or not most people store their magazines loaded or unloaded.  The more I thought about the vague title, the more I was drawn to a safety rule we’ve always had in my house:

Every gun is loaded.

We always maintain that belief at home.  Never treat a firearm like its unloaded unless you have checked yourself and know 100%.  I know of a few other families and organizations that have a rule exactly like that.  Its just really good practice to assume every firearm you touch is loaded until you can confirm otherwise yourself.

So to go one step farther, even if you maintain the belief that every gun in your home is loaded, are they?  Is it in your practice to keep your firearms loaded at all times?  I’m kinda torn on this issue because I have mixed opinions.  I obviously don’t want someone to get my firearms and accidentally shoot themselves or someone else.  I also feel keeping a firearm loaded is good for home/personal defense.  And as a family friend says, “just in case that big buck comes walking through the back yard again”.

But because of my mixed feelings, the only weapon I keep loaded is my pistol; its always within arms reach and nobody else has a chance to touch it without me knowing.  None of my 3 rifles are loaded where I store them.  I do however keep a loaded magazine close by for an emergency situation that hopefully never occurs.  But where do you stand?  Let me know because I’m really curious.

  1. Josh Withrow says:

    I keep one pistol chambered, locked and loaded. All other firearms and magazines are kept unloaded.

  2. brian says:

    Interesting topic and not one that has a generic answer as every situation is different. I always kept my G23 loaded and chambered but then came grandchildren, hmmm. Now when the grand kids are here I lock it up with the rest of my guns, until they leave. I don’t like doing it but the idea that a 2 year old will listen, when papa tells her to never touch a gun, just wasn’t working for me. The rest of my guns and mags are unloaded and locked.

    • nvchad2 says:

      Children are definitely a concern (or should be anyway) anywhere guns are stored. Most children don’t understand what a gun is capable of. Introducing them to guns in a controlled manner is the best way to teach them, but still doesn’t mean they’ll always be safe. So best to just lock them up like you do. Thanks for sharing and being a responsible gun owner.

  3. Shawn West says:

    I have a pump actiton shotgun with pistol grip for home defense always alternate loaded with slug, buck, slug, buck, slug, buck. I figure the first shot goes through a door and the rest is follow-up. My rifles are not loaded and the magazines are not either only because I keep my ammo separate in a fire-safe rather than gun safety. I should add that the kids are grown so there’s only adults in the house now.
    Better to have a loaded gun and not need it than the other way around every time.

    • nvchad2 says:

      Sounds like you’re prepared. And I definitely agree, I would rather have a gun and not need it than need it and not have it. Thanks for the comment.

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