Urban Survival Day 13 – CPR

Posted: March 6, 2013 in Survival/Self Defense
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I’ve gotta be honest, I’m a little exhausted from all the weather and resulting clean up, so today’s tip isn’t going to be that thorough.  Today’s tip is also something that I don’t think you can learn well enough simply by reading.  Videos or practice with a trained professional are probably the way to go, otherwise you could end up causing the victim more bad than good.

13)  Save With CPR

“If you’re untrained, you can still do some good.  Here’s how.”  Follow these instructions to perform basic CPR:

  1. Always call 911 when there is an emergency.  Especially a medical emergency.  If someone stops breathing or loses a pulse, its extremely important to “get medics on the scene as soon as possible”.
  2. “Place the heel of your hand in the middle of the victim’s chest (just a bit above the bottom of the sternum) and stack your other hand on top of the first”.
  3. “Begin compressions on the victim’s chest, pushing 2 inches down.  Keep your elbows locked, and for an adult victim, put your full weight over him or her – the more force, the better”.
  4. “Pump at a rate of 100 beats per minute, continuing until help arrives or the victim recovers”.
  5. “If you are certified in CPR, stop after 30 compressions and gently tilt back the victim’s head in order to open up his or her airway”.
  6. “Again, only if you’re certified, pinch the victim’s nose shut.  Seal your mouth over his or hers, and give two deep breaths.  Continue to repeat the entire process until help arrives or the victim recovers”.


Because I’m afraid that someone will take this post and try to save someone’s life, please don’t.  If you want to learn CPR, do it the right way; get certified.  And if that’s not an option, at least use a website like this so that you get better info, and more of it.  If you’re more the visual-learner like me, click here to see an instructional video.  That said, CPR is a skill that everyone should learn.  You could end up saving someone’s life one day.

The information contained in this post is a combination of my own opinion and information provided in the book Urban Survival Guide by Rich Johnson.  This is not intended to be used for medical instruction.  If you have an injury and are able, please refer to your doctor before conducting anything like this.  And as always, subscribe so you don’t miss the remaining tips!


  1. […] Three:  If the victim isn’t breathing and you know how to use CPR, begin “rescue breathing” until they either: 1) begin breathing on their own again. […]

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