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Posted: March 5, 2013 in AR-15, Guns
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I placed my rifle case up on the counter and unzipped it.  From it I removed the AR15 that I was custom building for myself.  I handed it to the guy across the counter and asked him to tighten the barrel nut for me.  He said, “No problem,” and took it to the back room.

“That’s an interesting choice of colors,” commented one of the other customers, sounding irritated.

“Yea,” I answered, “I’ve always liked the way black and white go together.”

He then kinda rolled his eyes and went back to whatever it was he was doing when I came in.

The above story is from this past September.  It was my first encounter with a subject that I knew would be controversial.  My rifle (if you haven’t seen it click here) is painted black and white, and I chose the color scheme simply because I liked it.  I wasn’t going for “winter camo” or anything like that.  Just going for a black rifle with a white grip and magazine.

I was really nervous about painting it from the start, primarily because of everyone else’s opinion.  I eventually gave in and decided, this is my rifle and I will make it however the heck I feel.  And I did.  Since its completion, I’ve had many comments on it.  Mostly about its features and accessories, what “brand” it is, etc.  But some of them have indeed been about why I chose to paint it white.

I always tell them the same thing, “I just wanted it to be different, unique in some way.”  They usually drop it if they don’t agree with painting an EBR (evil black rifle) any color besides camouflage.  But the ones who think its neat sometimes talk more about it, or talk more about colorful rifles they’ve seen in the past.

I can understand some peoples’ attitudes about “colorful” guns.  Makes them look like toys, cops might not realize the weapons are a real threat, etc.  There’s an article over on The Firearm Blog where it discusses and shows the colorful guns that were seen at SHOT Show.  Some of the comments left by viewers are below:

  • “Is dangerous and stupid paint a firearm like a toy. OK for camo, but a big no for toy’s color.”
  • “Makes them look kinda like toys, which isn’t too great an idea”
  • “Your car isn’t a toy and can kill people, better keep it functional black ONLY”
  • “it not stupid to paint firearm, All 5 of my guns are all pink I do not see them as a toy ok”







Its very easy to see the differing opinions on the subject just from the comments left on that one page.  I’m certain if I searched through some forums I could find some even more expressive thoughts on the matter.  But I don’t need or care to.

I am of the opinion that anyone can paint anything they own any color they want.  Be it their house, their car, their wallet, or even their own body.  As long as its not offensive, go for it.  Personally, I wish more people painted their Dodge Neons in brighter colors.  I mean, neon colors are usually bright right?  Well why are all the Dodge Neons dull colors . . ?

Anyway, back to the point.  My rifle’s appearance is an expression of my personality and its function.  I don’t hunt with my rifle.  If I did, it would probably be a camo of some sort.  All I do is shoot paper.  I don’t see how I’m hurting anyone by having a “colorful” rifle.

What are your thoughts?  Anyone think its blasphemy to paint a rifle anything unique?  Or is your rifle rainbow skinned?  Personally I could really go for something like THIS.  Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below.

  1. rmactsc says:

    I like the color choices. It’s your rifle so paint it any way you want. I’d like to hear more about the methods you used to paint it since I’ve never painted a rifle short of touching up the barrel or touching up the black metal stock components with the same color black.

    • nvchad2 says:

      All I painted was the plastic parts. Krylon makes wonderful plastic paint. Adheres very well to pretty much anything. Once it gets a little warmer I’ll probably paint my handguard to match as well. No paint dries well when it’s 30 degrees outside. haha

      • brian says:

        My PLR 22 has a red hand guard and a red flashider. As far as Krylon is concerned, I have read that it works as good or better that many of the products offered for this purpose. Your gun looks great!

      • nvchad2 says:

        Thanks, always appreciate a complimet. 🙂 And that sounds like an interesting looking gun. Any chance you have pictures of it somewhere in the cyber space?

  2. […] I mentioned in a post the other day I was waiting for a warm day to paint my rifle’s handguard.  Today I did it.  I went to […]

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