Loaded or Unloaded

Posted: March 4, 2013 in Accessories
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I came across a post over on EpicTactical.com that asked just one question:  Do you keep your magazines loaded or unloaded when you store them?  The author of the post shares my exact worry in this issue: “Part of me wants to say the more prepared the better and the other half worries about wearing out my springs.”

To see where other people stood on the issue there was a poll.  As of the time I viewed the post, there were 33 votes; 29 voted for loaded and 4 voted for unloaded.  That’s pretty much what I was expecting when I saw the question.

As I mentioned in the comments of the post, I like to keep some of both.  I keep about 75% of my magazines loaded and the remaining 25% unloaded.  Just eases my mind a little.  If the springs begin wearing out in the ones I keep loaded, I can start using the other ones more.  I also rotate them now and then.

I’m just more comfortable knowing that most of my magazines are loaded while others remain in unused condition.  And don’t worry, I keep the loaded and unloaded ones in separate locations so I don’t mix them up in a panic.

Maybe I’m just being paranoid.  Maybe I could keep them all loaded and nothing would happen.  I don’t know.  What do you think?  How do you store your magazines, loaded or unloaded?

  1. Cody Brooks says:

    I keep 1 fully loaded at all times and the rest empty to preserve the springs. I doubt ill ever need more than 1 at a moments notice. If you cant hit your target with 30 rounds in the mag then buy a shotgun. Rotating them is a good idea. I havent thought of that.

    • nvchad2 says:

      Thanks for the comment. Do you always assume you will only have one “target”? I’m not saying I expect 30 people to come at my house, but I never assume only one. And yes, I agree that if you can’t hit your target with 30 rounds, do as Biden says and buy a shotgun. 🙂 Most of my mags are loaded and ready because I’m simply too impatient to load them when I go to the range. Like them being ready to go as soon as I am.

  2. rmactsc says:

    Here’s what I do. Generally speaking I keep half of my mags loaded at one round less than the maximum capacity and the other half of my mags unloaded. I’ve never had an issue with springs wearing out in a mag.

  3. […] other day I wrote a post asking whether or not most people store their magazines loaded or unloaded.  The more I thought about the vague title, the more I was drawn to a safety rule we’ve […]

  4. livetoseetomorrow says:

    I keep 2 loaded. 1 in the gun 1 in the nightstand. I know from a safety standpoint not the best idea oh well

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