Urban Survival Day 8 – Bandage a Wound

Posted: March 1, 2013 in Survival/Self Defense
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Remember those bandages you stocked up on in our last tip?  Well now we get to put them to use.  We’ve all needed a bandage at some point in our life, so most of us probably know how apply one well enough.  But here you go anyway:

8)  Bandage a Wound

“It takes skin 72 hours to close up and become airtight”.  Its important for the healing process that you keep the injured area clean and safe from outside contaminants while it heals.  If dirt or other debris makes its way into the wound you could end up with an infection.  Here are a few suggestions the book has to offer:

  • Don’t stitch it up.  Most people aren’t skilled enough or equipped with the right tools to accomplish this.  Stitches are better left to the professionals when possible.
  • Butterfly it.  “First, line up the edges on the cut.  Then, starting in the center of the wound, place an adhesive strip’s end on one side of the cut.  As you lay the strip together across the cound, push the wound’s edges together.  Apply these bandages in a crisscross pattern down the length of the cut to keepp the sides in contact, then dress with a sterile wrap.”
  • Be Super.  Use superglue.  While this should not be your go to option, superglue can hold skin closed.  According to the book, soldiers used it during Vietnam.  Just be sure that you don’t get any of the glue inside the wound.  Keep it on the outside.

I’ve tried the superglue thing and it really does work.  Feels really weird and uncomfortable, but it works.  Have you ever tried it?  Or anything even more bizarre?  Let me know in the comments below.  Also, if you want to buy the book, head on over to Amazon (or your favorite retailer) and buy it.

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