50 Round Shooting Drill

Posted: February 26, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Thanks to the Gunmart Blog, I was lucky enough to come across an article over on Officer.com.  The article, written by Paul Markel, goes over a practice routine that keeps you from blasting away hundreds of rounds at the range.  With the current ammo situation, that is more important than ever.  Using this drill you can practice some very important techniques with only 50 rounds or less.

When you hit the range to practice, you should first have a plan.   If your plan is simply to shoot up a hundred rounds, that’s little more than noise-generation and empty brass creation.  A couple of years ago I developed a simple base-line training or practice drill that I call the One Box Workout™

  1. Slow-fire with two hands – Focus on trigger pull and sight alignment.
  2. Repeat with dominant hand only – Again focus on trigger pull, sight alignment, and “ensure your wrist is locked”.
  3. Repeat with off-hand only – Focus on the same fundamentals as the previous two exercises.
  4. Holster drills – Draw your gun slowly from its holster and fire twice at the target.  Go slow and focus on precision, not speed.
  5. Practice reloads – Load fewer rounds in your magazines and fire at the target until empty, then reload.  Repeat this two or three times.

The author then goes on to say if you have anything leftover, use the ammo to practice skills you didn’t do so well with.  If you did great in every drill but off hand, practice that.  To quote the author one more time, “We don’t improve by doing what we’ve mastered.  We improve by working on the areas that are difficult.”

So no more excuses, get out there any keep working on those skills.  And don’t say this is only for handguns because this could very easily be adjusted to use with a rifle.  Now get out there and have fun shooting!


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