Urban Survival Day 3 – To-Go “BOB”

Posted: February 24, 2013 in Survival/Self Defense
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Sadly, today’s update is essentially just a slight variation of the previous two.  Yet another bug out bag.  We’ve covered a bag for your home, one for the office, and now we get one for the car.  Worse yet is that there is still one more tip in this series.  I promise there is better content later on, we just gotta cover the basics I suppose.

3)  Gear Up With a To-Go Bug out Bag

“Since most of us evacuate in our cars, it’s a good idea to keep this bag in your trunk, along with crucial road safety items”.  Here’s what they think you need to keep in your car:

  • Energy bars, trail mix, and a couple of separately packaged, ready-to-eat meals
  • Several bottles of water, a filter, and water-purification tablets
  • Tent and sleeping bag
  • Fire striker, basic lighter, and tinder
  • One entire change of clothing (pants, shirt, socks, underwear, gloves, hat, windbreaker, and poncho)
  • Flashlight and extra batteries
  • Knife and spork
  • Military-grade can opener
  • Heavy cord, snare wire, and fishing lures
  • Battery-operated radio
  • Battery-operated, hand cranked, or solar-powered cell phone charger
  • First aid kit and manual
  • Sanitation and hygiene items, such as toilet paper, soap, and a small towel
  • Special needs items, such as medications, eyeglasses, contact lens solutions, and hearing aid batteries
  • Signal mirror and whistle
  • Any car safety items, such as a spare tire, a tire iron, jumper cables, a windshield scraper, and hazard flares, plus and needed winter items (small collapsible shovel, tire chains, and a bag of kitty litter).

This is about the only area of prepping that I have under control.  My car is a safe haven for whatever might come my way.  The only thing I don’t have from the list above is a “military-grade can opener”.  In addition, I keep travel sized versions of chess and checkers, as well as a deck of cards.  Sometimes you just need a little break from all the apocalyptic terror.  After all, maintaining one’s sanity is essential to survival.

What do you keep in your car?

If you want to buy this book to have on hand, or to skip ahead of us, you can buy it HERE (or any other store that sells books really).

  1. henrylandis says:

    Have you ever read the zombie survival guide or, even better, Day by day armageddon? I think you’d like both. the first is a straight-faced guide to, well, zombie survival, and the second is the diary of a marine using his survivalist skills to surivive-of course-the zombie apocalypse. Both very well written and incredibly well researched.

    • nvchad2 says:

      I haven’t read either of those but I’ve heard of them both. It does sound like I would like them, and ill put them on my “to-read list”, but I just can’t get in to sitting and reading much at one time right now. I have four or five books I bought in the past year or so that I need to read; I just can’t seem to get motivated. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Notcsi says:

    BOBs can be crucial to survival so perhaps the emphasis is not wasted. One note: Most medicines will not stand up to the summer temperatures in vehicles. They should be stored in one of the BOBs stored inside.

    • nvchad2 says:

      That’s something I hadn’t thought about. I lost two bowling balls to the heat in my car’s trunk. It definitely experiences temperature changes that most people don’t consider. I have to agree that medicine should be stored in one of the other bug out bags and not in the car. Thanks for commenting.

  3. rmactsc says:

    When are you going to post some articles on bug out bags lol 🙂 Sorry; couldn’t resist. Keep up the great work.

    • nvchad2 says:

      Don’t worry, one more for tomorrow. 🙂 Then if there are any more, I’m going to jump into a wood chipper and have it throw my chopped up remains into a bug out bag so they will be safe . . . yea, I’m THAT sick of them. 🙂

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