Really Cool Shooting Video

Posted: February 20, 2013 in Uncategorized
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The people over at Gunmart Blog posted a few cool shooting videos and I wanted to share one of them.  I think this video is really cool to watch.  I’m not a fan of the song (though I’m not putting down Johnny Cash in any way) but I certainly love all the weapons and gear.

I would love to post the video right here on my sight but it’s way too expensive for me to do that through WordPress.  So instead you just gotta go see the video on Youtube.

What I like the most is seeing how they all hold their rifles differently.  Everyone seems to have their own techniques and yet they all seem to have really good weapon control.  I would love to be able to unload an entire magazine on my target as fast as they do.  If I tried it however, I would have bullets flying in every direction!

But like everything, it just takes practice.  Perhaps one day I’ll be there.  But that’s like 10,000 rounds and $9,000 in the future most likely . . .

  1. hncook4 says:

    Aww, that song is awesome! I like the video too.

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  3. […] Really Cool Shooting Video […]

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