CP Tactical Red Dot Scope – Review

Posted: February 19, 2013 in Accessories, AR-15, Guns, Mini-14, Product Reviews
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I’ve been a fan of dot sights since I first began customizing my Mini-14 almost two years ago.  They’re great.  You get a single point sight that does not require lining up a front and rear sight.  This allows extremely fast target acquisition   Most also feature customizable reticles that allow you to change both color and shape.

My first red dot sight, made by Aim Sport Inc, wasn’t that impressive however.  I went more with cost than quality when I bought it.  It suffered significantly in sunlight due to glare and later in its life it became near impossible to zero.  On a few occasions  it even had some double vision.  These problems eventually became too much and when I built my AR15, I decided to invest in better optics.

My next choice (currently installed on my AR) was far above the first in terms of quality.  I knew that I needed something that would prevent glare.  I also needed something strong that would last.  But I still didn’t have a huge budget.  I ended up purchasing a red dot scope made by CP Tactical for $49.99.  I think it is the perfect match of cost and quality.

Not only does this thing look cool mounted on top of my AR, but it performs spectacularly.  There are 4 different reticle shapes and it works in both red or green.  Each color also has 5 brightness settings to better control reticle size and visibility.  Windage adjustments are extremely simple and clearly marked on the unit itself.  It even came with flip up covers for both the front and rear of the scope.

Zeroing the sight is pretty easy at 50 yards.  Beyond that however, it gets tough.  The reticle inside the scope covers about 4″ of a target at 100 yards.  Making precision shots at that distance is fairly difficult.  But at 50 yards its pretty simple and you can clearly see the changes you make to the sight from shot to shot.

This thing has also proven itself to be very sturdy.  The other day, right after I adjusted the sights, one of my bipod legs collapsed and the whole rifle fell hard onto the bench.  My attempted catch ended up causing the scope to take most of the fall.  But when I set it back up and slapped a magazine in, it shot in the exact same area as before.  I was very impressed.

And to top things off, its very easy on batteries.  My first red dot sight chewed through batteries left and right.  If I went to the range I always made sure to have at least two spare batteries with me.  With the new one, I’m still using the battery I put in it this past September.  Evidently the 5 brightness settings really help manage battery consumption.

So to summarize  if you can’t decide on optics for your rifle, definitely consider a red dot scope by CP Tactical.  I don’t think you can beat its quality for the low price tag.  I’ve been very pleased with mine and I don’t think anyone would regret buying one of these things.

  1. rmactsc says:

    I still haven’t jumped on the red dot bandwagon yet although after reading your article I’ll have to give it consideration. I tend to go iron sights or scope or iron sights and scope 🙂 Keep up the great work.

    • nvchad2 says:

      I have red dot AND irons on mine. To prevent failure of my only sights. Red dot sights just eliminate one major problem I never could get right, sight picture. Having to line up two points on the gun with the target is a lot more difficult than putting one dot on the target. At least for me…

  2. brian says:

    I just purchased the new 3 moa Primary Arms. This one comes with a mount that allows for 1/3 rd co-witness. Will put it through the paces and report back. The “special price” is 69.99 and is the first run from a new factory so I hope it stands up to other PA. This is going on my recent AR carbine build. The CP looks good and would have considered had I known.

    • nvchad2 says:

      Thanks for the comment. Definitely report back and let me know how it is. I’ve gotta get some sort of sight for my Mini-14 soon; the irons just ain’t getting it at the moment. Having several options to choose from would be nice.

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  4. Notcsi says:

    Have you had enough rounds through it to determine how well it handles the recoil? Many value sights end up with a shifting zero or fading dot. If this is durable enough the price lloks right.

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