CCI Standard Velocity – Preliminary Review

Posted: February 18, 2013 in 22lr, Ammunition
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With the recent ammo shortage having a huge impact on the availability of 22lr, I’ve been forced to use brands and bullet types that I hadn’t used before.  The only ammo that has been available locally is CCI Standard Velocity 40 grain LRN.  At $0.10 a round, its way more expensive than 22lr ammo used to cost, but its still way cheaper than .223 ammo.

On my last two shooting sessions, I’ve used the new CCI in my AR15.  A total of 60 rounds have been shot so far.  While not enough to form a complete opinion of the ammo, I have learned a few things.

1)  It cycles perfectly in my AR’s conversion kit.  Every round that went out the barrel had enough power to blow back the bolt and chamber another round.

2)  The ammo is fairly accurate.  I’ve shot 15 3-round groups and the average size was 2.2″ at 50 yards.  The only time the ammo is inconsistent is when I myself make a mistake while pulling the trigger.

3)  Its pretty dirty.  While not as dirty as bulk boxes of Federal ammo, its certainly not that clean.  The rifle required a good bit of scrubbing after each trip.  But I like to clean my guns, so that’s not an issue for me.

My first impression with this stuff is overall pretty positive.  I won’t have to worry when I go the range next time.  I know this stuff works in my AR, and it works well.  I hope to try it in my pistols soon.  I’ll do a secondary review sometime in the future when I have a more complete set of statistics to look over.

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